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  1. My life is like going to see a M. Night Shyamalan film....bizarre characters, lots of plot twists and I want my money back.
  2. I was drawing a graph for my report expecting a straight line. But I got a curve. What a plot twist
  3. A poem I read to my gf while proposing Roses are Red
    Today is the Day
    Plot Twist
    I'm Gay
  4. I'm writing a book with a huge plot twist So that you'll think:
    "Oh, this is how it's gonna be"
    And then it turns out to be completely different
    Because I'm not actually writing a book.
  5. So what do you all think of the new House of Cards? I have to say that whole plot twist with Trump becoming the new president was quite unexpected.
  6. M.Night Shamaylan Joke When you go to a regular movie, a friend asks you "so how good was the movie?" When you go to an M.night Shamylan movie a friend asks " So how bad was the plot twist?"
  7. What is the biggest plot twist in spanish soap operas? When Rodrigo finds out he is his own mother

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Plot Twist One Liners

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  1. Plot twist, Kylo Ren is not an only child He's a Solo child
  2. What dance move catches everyone by surprise? The Plot Twist!
  3. What do you call an unexpected wiggle on a straight graph? A plot twist.
  4. Want to hear a plot twist? Tolp.
  5. So I rotated my coordinate system about the Z-Axis.. Plot twist!
  6. What was the plot twist in the movie 'Baby Driver'? Kevin Spacey was the baby driver.
  7. Why didn't the estatistician's graph end up as expected? A plot twist ocurred.
  8. Plot Twist I thought I was gonna win fortnite game but I LOST no victory Royale 😂😂😰😝
  9. Would spinning in your grave be considered a plot twist? --obligatory text--
  10. What do you call a series of plot twists? A plot knot.
  11. My favorite movie plot twist... ...was when Leia turned out to be a skywalker.
  12. The plot twist at the end always gets me 835
  13. What does a dancing piece of land in the middle of nowhere? Plot twisting!
  14. Plot Twist Ted Mosby is gay

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Plot Twist

A hotel receptionist gets a call*
Man: Hello, I'm in room 210, you need to send someone to my room immediately. I'm having an argument with my wife and she's saying that she's going to jump out of the window.
Receptionist: I'm sorry sir, but that's a personal problem. We cannnot help you with that.
Man: Listen you idiot. The window is not opening and that's a MAINTENANCE problem.

Plot twist joke

The couple drives silently in a car along the country road. She suddenly says,"Walter, I'm getting a divorce!"
He doesn't say anything, just accelerates slightly.
She says,"I've had a relationship with your best friend for a long time, and he's a better lover than you." He doesn't say anything again, accelerates even further.
She says,"I want the house, the bank account, the car and the dog." He doesn't say anything, but he accelerates even further. She says,"Are you listening to me? Don't you want something?" "I have everything I need!" "Why that?" Just before he hits a wall, he says,"I got the airbag!"

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