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What is large, black, and steals your credit cards?

Sony Playstation 3

A stupidly wealthy business man builds a golden house.

On the day he moves in, he spends a few hours in the games room playing on his golden playstation 4.

Next he goes into the reading room and reads the golden newspaper.

After a while he feels restless, goes to the gym, and works out on the golden treadmill.

After 30 minutes on the treadmill he collapses from exhaustion, and says 'fuck me, that was hard work, I could do with a shower.'

Why doesn't Mike Tyson play the Playstation?

Because he's an Xboxer.

Playstation joke, Why doesn't Mike Tyson play the Playstation?

I remember back when I was a kid, we used to use our Playstation One.

Of course, in those days we called it the Great Playstation.

PS4/Xbox joke

Oh no! Playstation and xbox online services are down! Someone call an ambulance! Wii U Wii U Wii U

What's the favorite game console for Japanese priests?


What does a Dallas Cowboys fan do when his team has won the Super Bowl?

He turns off the PlayStation.

Playstation joke, What does a Dallas Cowboys fan do when his team has won the Super Bowl?

My son was so upset when he didn't get a gaming pc for his birthday

luckily, this playstation was able to..........console him

Spouses should take note from Playstation Network.

Now it knows how to go down.

Remember when PlayStation Network worked?

Me either

Mike Tyson refuses to play on any Playstation...

He is an Ex-Boxer.

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Xbox and PlayStation are having a fight...

Then the cops show up: "Wii U, Wii U, Wii U, Wii U..."

What does an egg say when he gets turnt?

Om lit

cred: my friend DaMexicanBurrito from playstation.

My Xbox crashed into a Playstation

wii-u wii-u wii-u

Playstation and Xbox had a fight. Then came the ambulance

Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U

Why does Mike Tyson refuse to buy playstation ?

Because he is an x-boxer

Playstation joke, Why does Mike Tyson refuse to buy playstation ?

My neighbors son asked me to explain women to him.

So I bought him an Xbox game for his PlayStation.

Dad can I play on your Playstation

Dad- "For?"

Kid- "Yes dad, the Playstation 4"

Xbox attacked Playstation.

Here comes the ambulance! Wii U Wii U Wii U

What is the difference between a Nickelback album and a Playstation Vita

You can play the Nickelback album

They Should Rename PlayStation Network to PlayStation Notwork...

A wife walks in on her husband playing on his PlayStation.

"The house is still filthy! I thought I asked you to sweep the house!" she says.

"I did" replied the husband, "I found no hostiles"

What is the difference between a game console and a butchery?

One is a Sony Playstation and the other is a pony slaystation.

I was electrocuted by the Playstation controller.

I was shocked twice.

Daughter loses her first tooth

Wife : "Honey see this, our daughter lost her first tooth"

Husband : "yeah I know, she probably won't touch my PlayStation again"

Here's proof why Sony won't make a "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2"

It's a "Cross Platform Fighter".

What does a Cleveland Cavaliers fan do when his team has won the NBA Finals?

He turns off the PlayStation 4.

" Do you want to come over? My parents wont be here for the weekend" marked the beginning of the best 2days of my life!

PlayStation for 2 whole days ,are you kidding me?

I hate the PC culture we live in these days.

Can't a guy just use a Playstation without getting called a "peasant"?

Friends are making visual puns

One draws a box with an x on it
"its obviously xbox"
Another draws a station with play on it
"of course its playstation"
Another one draws two people with arrows pointing to eachother with one having nintendo on his shirt.
"its nintendo switch"
Finally one draws a girl with multicolored hair.
"its pc"

The worst joke on the planet.

I bought a playstation 4.

The Xbox 1 X broke it.

SO I called the ambulance

The sound it made was


There are two main reasons I don't let my girlfriend use my PlayStation.

1) I don't have a PlayStation.

2) I don't have a girlfriend.

Has any product design ever screamed "ugh we have to make one with a disc drive" as loudly as the PS5

The PS5’s design looks like it’ll be a skyscraper in Shanghai next year.

It looks like a router, but I dig it.

The p in PS5 stands for panini.

I was seriously depressed after a recent loss. My GF bought me an Xbox

But that didn't help. So she tried a Playstation - no luck there either. She ended up going through everything from a Sega Master System to a Nintendo Switch, but nothing helped - turns out I was just inconsolable

ps5 candle joke

PS5 smells like you are not getting one !

Have you heard that PlayStation are releasing a console for cats?

It's called the PSpspspspspsps

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