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I have a Spotify playlist that has songs from The Peanuts Movie, Eminem, and The Cranberries

I call it my trail mix.

Trail mix dad joke

I made a playlist of songs from Eminem, The Cranberries, California Raisins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spice Girls, and the Peanuts.
I call it my Trail Mix.

Do you know what I call my hiking playlist?

My trail mix

Playlist joke, Do you know what I call my hiking playlist?

I made a playlist for hiking...

It has music from Peanuts, The Cranberries, and Eminem.

I call it my Trail Mix..

My husband surprised me last night with a sexy time playlist

Needless to say, there was only one song.

Made a hiking playlist earlier called trail mix

It has a lot of eminem in it

My new girlfriend asked me if my sex playlist was just Wonderwall on repeat

I said maybe

Playlist joke, My new girlfriend asked me if my sex playlist was just Wonderwall on repeat

What do you call a person with a Sex Playlist?


I made a jam bands playlist on Spotify

It's 16 hours long and only has 5 songs on it

Help! I think I broke my phone's speaker! All I did was convert my normal rap playlist into an emo rap playlist.

Now all I can hear is a Lil Peep.

I want to make a music playlist titled: "Sausages"

Cause every song on it is a banger

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George Clooney creates an iTunes playlist and fills it with various cartoon soundtracks.

Clooney Tunes

What does a midgets bathroom and a crunk playlist have in common?

A Lil John.

If George Clooney...

What would George Clooney call his iTunes playlist?

Clooney Tunes.

Badum tsssh..

I forgot to add Junior Mafia to my hip hip playlist

Oh well. No Biggie

I'm not saying your fat but....

Your running playlist only has 3 songs in it

Playlist joke, I'm not saying your fat but....

I made a crossover playlist on Spotify to celebrate July 1st.

It's called Draking Back Sunday

I was going to make a sex playlist for my wife and I last night.

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn't allow you to add the 30-second song preview to a playlist.

What's the most played song on a homesick, Iranian foreign exchange students playlist?

β™«And I-ran, I-ran so far away β™«

What's the Pope iTunes play-list name?


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