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Plato and Aristotle were in the music room of the Academy in Athens.

Plato was at the piano, and Aristotle was holding a small lute in his hands.
Plato, do you know the unpredictability and exactitude of ethics and reflective philosophical hermeneutics require phronesis as an ontological counterpoint to peripatetic conjecture?
No, Plato replied. But if you play a few bars, I may be able to pick it up.

What do you get when you play the Lute for too long?

Minstrel cramps!

I've been playing my lute for 7 hours and my fingers are sore and stiff

I have minstrel cramps.

What do you call a Skyrim warrior with well endowed chest playing the lute and selling luxury merchandise at a discount?

Nord-strum Rack.

I played my lute for 9 hours straight today and it's affected the joints in my hands.

I think I have minstrel cramps.

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