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  1. My neighbor knocked on my door this morning at 2:30 AM! Luckily for him i was still up playing my drum
  2. My wife rotates playing her guitar, drum, or flute once a month. It's part of her minstrel cycle.
  3. Neighbor rang on my doorbell at 3AM My neighbor rang on my doorbell at 3am. Can you believe it!?
    Luckily I was still up playing the drums.
  4. Won't believe the nerve of my neighbor knocking on my door at 3AM. Fortunately I was up playing the drums.
  5. Why did the accordion player sell his instrument and switch to the drums? He wanted to play something less complicated.
  6. My neighbour knocked on my door at 2:00am I know 2:00am!? Good thing I was still up playing my drums
  7. I can't believe my neighbour. He knocked on my door and yelled for me AT 2am. 2am! Can you believe him? Lucky for him i was still awake playing my drums.
  8. I'm writing a film about a cannibal undead tax exile who plays drums, eats your mother and then is sick. It's a nondomtomtomnomnommomvomromzomcom
  9. Me, neighbor and cops are making a band I play electric guitar, Cops are playing drums on the door and neighbor sings outside the window.
  10. My neighbors love my drum playing so much that they threw a brick through my window so they could hear it better

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Played Drums One Liners

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  1. What happens when you play the drums incorrectly? You get repercussions
  2. What do you call a midget playing drums in a subway? A metro-gnome
  3. Why did the turkey play the drums in his band? Because he already had drum sticks!
  4. How would you describe Al Gore playing the drums? Algorithm.
  5. Don't you dare go playing that drum again. There will be repercussions!
  6. What does a blonde playing the drums sound like? Dumb chick dumb chick dumb chick...
  7. I told my music teacher I wanted to play the drums. He said "Beat it!"
  8. I tried to learn how to play the drums. but i'm just a beat off.
  9. Why did the turkey play drums in his band? Because he already had drumsticks!
  10. Why did the matching band let the Turkey play? Because he had two drum sticks.
  11. I got a noise complaint for playing my drums late at night. Now I just play piano.
  12. How does a chicken play the drums? With its drumsticks.
  13. What type of instrument do pigs play? Ham drums
  14. Why can't a gorilla play drums? They are too sensitive.
  15. Did you hear about the guy that played the drums for too long? He turned into a beatroot.

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A music teacher is facing the judge in court

After a few minutes, the judge recognises the man and asks him a question. "Hey, wasn't it you who taught my son to play the drums?"
"Uhh... yeah?" he replied.
"Life in prison for you!"

General Custer to a Geordie soldier: "The Apaches are playing war drums!" Geordie soldier: "So they're thieving b**... as well as savages!"

Ross's sister had a fear of wind instruments

So Chandler played the drums.
He didn't want to Harm Monica.

A man enters the drum section of a music store..

Shopkeeper: "Sir, you can play here for a while, but then I've gotta ask you to beat it."

Tried to take lessons to play the steel drums..

...but the only music you learn to play is heavy metal.

So this old guy is lying face down in the sand on a n**... beach.

A hot blonde comes along and starts rhythmically smacking his buttocks like drums.
Then the g**... flips around, grins toothlessly at her and says, Why don't you play the flute instead of the bongos?

I had a dream last night...

In my dream I was watching a band play. Buddha was playing guitar, Jesus was playing bass, Mohammed was singing, and Zeus was playing the drums. After the show, Zeus came down and gave me a large metal disc. I think it was a cymbal from god.

My newsfeed keeps showing me a video of a former US Vice President playing the drums...

It must be Facebook's Al Gore rhythms.

My neighbor came to my house at 3 AM!

3 AM! Can you believe that? Lucky for him that I was up, playing drums.

Neighbor in my apartment was b**... on my door at three in the morning.

Good thing I was up playing my drums.

Son: Dad, would you buy me a drum set?

Father: No way. It's too loud around here as it is. I can barely fall asleep as it is!
Son: don't worry, Dad, I will only play it when you are asleep!

One day a kid asks his dad to buy a drum set for him

His father replies " Sorry mate, can't do that. You'll play it all the time and the sound will drive me crazy"
The kid say "Don't worry dad, I won't disturb you. I'll only play it once you are asleep"

My Grandad was the best drummer in the world

He used to practice 18 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.
Morning, noon, and night he'd be b**... away with his sticks, so dedicated he was, he didn't even have a set of drums, preferring instead to play on old biscuit tins, bottles, anything he could lay his hands on.
He was still playing right up till the moment he died aged 86 when my grandmother stabbed him in the neck with a fork.

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