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Is there some kind of platonic version of Tinder?

Asking for a friend.

Some people have platonic relationships. Me and my wife have a Socratic one

We argue all the time


I bought a sex doll that was so realistic, it wanted to remain friends

Platonic joke, Platonic

Girl, forget chemistry, you and I have solid *geometry*

Because our points are maximally separated, and it's perfectly platonic.

What do you call a group of platonic bulls?


TIL that platonic refers to a relationship without romance or sex.

So it's another word for marriage.

I thought that that cute geometrician was helping me out because she had a thing for me...

Turns out she was just doing me a platonic solid.

Platonic joke, I thought that that cute geometrician was helping me out because she had a thing for me...

"My wife's having a relationship with the Speaker of the House of Representatives"


"No, she assures me it's completely platonic."

They say alcohol makes you flirty...

But I prefer my gin with platonic.

New Jimmy Johns stickers at work.

our new sandwhich stickers say "i woke up like this". I am puzzled. Our bread is pretty hard, did it wake up hard? whats going on here, and what is this sub trying to communicate to me. i thought this was platonic.

Anybody wanna be in a platonic relationship?

I'm asking for a friend.

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Anybody out there interested in having occasional platonic hangout sessions?

Asking for a friend.

A philosopher's teenage son goes to tell his parents about his new girlfriend

Mom, dad, I did it! I finally got my first girlfriend!

Proud of you champ. You finally left the platonic cave.

My girlfriend said she wanted a Platonic relationship. So I chose to be Socrates.

Boy was she mad when i pointed out all her flaws.

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