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Best Short Plato Jokes

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  1. How is working the fry station at McDonald's like studying Plato and Aristotle? You really learn to appreciate ancient grease.
  2. Why did Aristotle believe men could mold themselves through their actions like clay? His teacher was Plato.
  3. Plato and a platypus walk into a bar The bartender looks up at them and says:
    "What is this, a joke?"
  4. Plato and Nietzsche walk into a bar They both order beers and after a while Nietzsche turns to Plato and says "This glass is half empty."
    Plato reply's "What glass?"
  5. Why did Plato's worst student always have stuff stuck in his teeth? He didn't understand Flossophy!
  6. Plato walks into a bar. And he realises that the bar is not a real bar. In fact, it contains the concept of 'a bar'.
    Then, with an amazed face, he says:
    "This bar is ideal!"
  7. As Plato once said, "some people enjoy a good diarrhea joke, and others can die in a fire."
  8. Ancient Humor Once Plato said "Humans are nothing but featherless bipeds". To this, Diogenes came running with a plucked chicken and said "Behold! A man"
  9. Who is Socrates's worst student? Mediocrities
    Who was his busiest?
    The one with a lot on his Plato
  10. Did you hear about the dinosaur that loved Aristotle and Plato? he was a real Philosoraptor
Plato joke, Did you hear about the dinosaur that loved Aristotle and Plato?

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Plato One Liners

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  1. To do is to be - Socrates To be is to do - Plato
    Do be do be do - Sinatra
  2. Plato didn't have a wife or kids.. Clearly, all his relationships were platonic.
  3. What's a philosophers favorite toy? Plato
  4. What'll happen if you read too much Plato? You become Platonic
  5. Why did the greek philosopher break in two? He was made out of Plato
  6. I know a Spanish philosopher and he lives in my kitchen... His name is Plato.
  7. I never understood Plato's dialogues... It's all Greek to me.
  8. Why did Plato go to the DMV? To find some forms.
  9. Death is not the worst which can happen to men: Plato (After getting friend zoned)
  10. How did Plato keep his home clean? The Law of Atrashcan
  11. What are a philosopher's favorite type of chips? Plato Nachos

Plato joke, What are a philosopher's favorite type of chips?

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Platonic friendships are like chess. They're fun, engaging, and can last a long time...

but someone's always wondering "how many moves until mate?"

Two cows are standing...

in the pasture. One turns to the other and says, "Although pi is usually abbreviated to five numbers, it actually goes on to infinity."
The second cow turns to the first and says: "Moo."
(stolen from Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar...)

Plato and Aristotle were in the music room of the Academy in Athens.

Plato was at the piano, and Aristotle was holding a small lute in his hands.
Plato, do you know the unpredictability and exactitude of ethics and reflective philosophical hermeneutics require phronesis as an ontological counterpoint to peripatetic conjecture?
No, Plato replied. But if you play a few bars, I may be able to pick it up.


I bought a s**... doll that was so realistic, it wanted to remain friends

My friends are concerned I'm spending all my free time studying esoteric, difficult philosophy, unable to either improve or leave it behind.

I'm Locke into Confucious Nietzsche Hobbes, in a Plato but can't Descartes it.

My platoon recieved an air drop that was supposed to contain MREs but there must have been a mix up because all we got were ammo and guns.

It was irrational.

Plato joke, My platoon recieved an air drop that was supposed to contain MREs but there must have been a mix up

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