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I once littered in a forest and the only ones that saw me were a group of otters in the nearby river. I'll never forget the look they gave me as that plastic bottle left my hands.

It was a look of otter disdain.

I feel like a plastic bottle in a Pepsi factory

I'm soda pressed.

If you put your ear up to a plastic bottle

You can hear what ocean it will end up in

Blond joke

A blonde goes to her car in the parking and to her shock there is a dent on the flank. A guy passing by seeing she is blonde tells her: "you need to go on your knees on blow in the exhaust pipe as hard as you can. Then just like a plastic bottle it will go back to normal."
The blonde is very thankfull and starts blowing.
A few minutes pass and another blonde comes by and yells at her " oh my god I can't believe you what are you doing"
The first one explains the situation to which the second blonde answers "no wonder people think we are s**... with blondes like you. This will never work you left a window open!"

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