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  1. My dentist was voted "Dentist Of The Year".... He didn't get a trophy, they just gave him a little plaque.
  2. Why do dentists only want to be awarded with paper certificates? They hate plaque buildup.
  3. So my dentist says to me... So my dentist says to me, "you're the cleanest patient I've had all week!"
    Then I respond, "Wow I deserve a plaque!"
    This literally just happened. She lost it.
  4. What's the difference between a zoo in Louisiana and a zoo anywhere else? In louisiana, next to the plaque with the animal's name, they've got a good recipe.
  5. My local dental hygienist passed away last week. A plaque was put up in her honour, but it kept getting removed.
  6. The local dentist received an award for being the best dentist in town. Know what they gave him? A little plaque.
  7. I grew up on McDonalds, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I've even got a plaque dedicated to it.
  8. My friend got an award for not brushing his teeth for a year. He said it was worth it for the plaque.
  9. As someone who didn't win a lot of awards, I enjoyed going to the dentist it was one of the few times I was recognized by plaque
  10. What does a gypsy lose when he brushes his teeth? 5kg/11lb of plaque.
Plaque joke, What does a gypsy lose when he brushes his teeth?

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Plaque One Liners

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  1. Why don't dentists display their awards? Because they want to prevent plaque build-up.
  2. What does the dentist of the year get? A little plaque.
  3. I have the worst dentist in the world. He even got a little plaque to prove it.
  4. What does the Dentist of the Year receive? A little plaque.
  5. Why do protesters refuse to brush their teeth? Because plaque lives matter.
  6. People with bad teeth are the real winners They even have the plaque to prove it
  7. What kind of award did the dentist get? A plaque
  8. I hate people who don't brush their teeth. They're a plaque on society.
  9. A dentist receives an award. It's the only plaque allowed in his house.
  10. My dentist isn't racist. He has loads of plaque friends.
  11. What do you call a Superhero with a dentist alter ego? Plaque Panther
  12. What do you call a medieval dentist? A plaque doctor.
  13. What's the award for being the world's best dentist? A little plaque.
  14. My teeth started a movement... Plaque lives matter.
  15. Why are most Plaques, white if they're plaque?

Plaque joke, Why are most Plaques,

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How do you tell the difference between a Northern and a Southern zoo?

A Northern zoo has a large plaque in front of each animal cage. The plaque list the genus, species, common name, average life span, habitat and diet of the animal.

A Southern zoo has a recipe in from of each animal cage.

Sen. Franklin R. Lee of Idaho was instrumental in obtaining a 100-megawatt hydroelectric plant...

.. on the Givva River for the benefit of his hometown, Medea. When the plant was finished, the dedication plaque read:
> Frank Lee, Medea, Idaho, Givva Dam

Plaque joke, As someone who didn't win a lot of awards, I enjoyed going to the dentist

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