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Best Short Plantation Jokes

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  1. Why couldn't the dyslexic plantation owner get anything done? Gingers just don't last in the sun.
  2. What's White with Black Spots? A Dalmatian.
    What's black with white spots?
    A plantation.
  3. A joke from Civil War History Class today Teacher asks: 'The southern plantations were very wealthy. Exactly how much of that wealth did the slaves get?'
    Student answers: 'A whip'
  4. I got fired from the banana plantation for "wasting resources" All i did was throw out the Bent ones
  5. Adam in the Eden must be a black man because he lives in a plantation with nothing to wear and has no idea where his father is.
  6. The only way you can loose weight by drinking green tea is... .. if you pick up the tea leaves from the plantation yourselves.
  7. 2 Farmers on a Plantation What did the one farmer in the field say to the other farmer? WATER THOOOOSE
  8. Hi, my name is Phil. I have a stutter and am the proud owner of both a bee farm and a tea plantation. Needless to say, I'm surrounded by b-bees and t-teas.
  9. How many black guys does it take to do the work of one white guy? It depends on how big his plantation is.
  10. Why did the blond get fired from the banana plantation? Because she threw out all the bent ones.
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Plantation One Liners

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  1. What kind of plantation do cross-dressers work on? Transplantation.
  2. There is an overseer called Miracle working on my plantation. Miracle whips.
  3. Where did he plantation owner buy his slaves? On the black market.
  4. A m**... plantation was set on fire witnesses claim a dragon is responsible.

Plantation Owner Jokes

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  • "A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." ― Ayn Rand Obviously He's never been a cotton plantation s**... owner.
Plantation joke, "A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." ― Ayn Ra

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The warning sign

There was a watermelon plantation which had been constantly spoiled by night thieves who were trespassing to steal melons. The owner came with an idea to repel the intruders: he put a warning sign on the plantation's fence: "Beware! Steal on your own risk! One melon below this fence is poisoned!"
The next day, there were no more missing melons and a short text added on the warning sign: "Now there are two".

What do you call it when a Cambodian dictator opens up a restaurant in his Cannabis plantation?

Pol p**...'s p**... Plot Hot p**....

What is ironic about cows going back to the m**... plantation?

It was a case of p**... calling the cattle back.

Plantation joke, 2 Farmers on a Plantation

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