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Best Short Plant Pot Jokes

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  1. My wife is a compulsive plant freak. She's filled our house with all manner of potted plants that she picks up at yard sales and give aways! I think she's a hoarder-culturist.
  2. Home depot is the best brothel The vacuum s**..., the fan blows, the hammer bangs and they have plenty of pots to plant your seed.
  3. Large scale p**...-growing bust on my neighbors property I was charged with planting evidence...

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Plant Pot One Liners

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  1. Why shouldn't you grow m**... in the ground? Because it's a p**... plant.
  2. I accidentally planted some m**... seeds on my farm It's all gone to p**...
  3. Why did the p**... head plant cheerios? He thought they were donut seeds.
  4. What's the easiest way to split up p**... plants in a divorce? Joint custody.
  5. What do you call a suicidal plant? High p**... in a noose

Plant Pot Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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2 farmers sitting on a porch just passin the time, shootin the s**...t

when a m**... plant yells out of no where:
"You big dumb dark cow!"
One of the farmer turns to his friend and says
"look at the p**... calling the cattle black"

My wife was showing me a really unique houseplant she was growing. When she first planted it, it was a male, and it produced pollen.

After a while, it stopped producing pollen and started making seeds. It had outgrown its p**..., so my wife wanted me to help her put it in a larger one. I said, Sure, I can help you transplant the transplant.

Was out on the trusty steed this evening, riding through the woods...

Suddenly we came to a stop and he began to nibble on some weeds. I decided not to protest until I realized he was eating what appeared to be a p**... plant. He began to wobble a little and I couldn't help but think, I probably need to get off my high horse.

A favorite joke from my Dad

Eric walks into a plant nursery. Surrounded by lush potted plants, he selects an attractive hibiscus and proceeds to casually eat the leaves from its branches. A concerned salesperson walks up to him quickly.
"May I help you?" The salesperson asks.
"No thanks," answers Eric, "I'm just browsing."

A man is half listening to his wife.

She mentions putting a potted plant in the doorway. He goes to bed a few minutes later. He wakes up and feels like he's forgetting something. He steps out of his room, still confused.
And then it hit him.

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