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Why couldn't the plant escape the jail?

Because his cell had walls.

Did you hear about the viruses who started their own in-cell movement?

They think it's unfair that plants and animals have their own immune systems.

I ain't a plant because...

...s**... cells

Easy way to farm

A man robbed a bank and hid out for a year before getting caught by the police but they still don't know where the money is.
When he gets caught he's sentenced to 25 years in prison.
While in prison he gets a call so he calls his wife and after a little conversation about life she asks,
"I don't know when to plant the potatoes, when is a good time to plant the potatoes and should I hire someone to till the garden?"
He replies "I'll have the rototilling done by tomorrow, you can plant them right afterwards."
Confused she just says "ok." And hangs up the phone.
Afterwards while the man is sitting in his cell he tells one of the guards " I can't hold it in any longer, I buried the money in my garden."

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