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  1. Most gun duels in the old west could have been prevented. If only the city planners had made towns big enough for everyone.
  2. In my line of work, I manage to upset people on both sides of the aisle. So yeah, I might not be the best wedding planner.
  3. Dang this new wedding planner is great For only an extra 200 bucks he'll consummate my marriage for me - whatever that means haha
  4. Just got some good news from my financial planner ...she told me I'd only have to keep working 3 years after I die to afford my retirement.
  5. Some of my more political friends told me they have secondary day planners that they try keep secret from their enemies I'm wise to their hidden agendas
  6. Why are proctologists such good planners... Because they begin with the end in mind.
    My friend Joe made this up.
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  8. My s**... friend used my daily planner to roll up a joint He's now high on my list of priorities.
Planner joke, My s**... friend used my daily planner to roll up a joint

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Planner One Liners

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  1. What is the biggest waste of money? A 2020 planner
  2. Amongst the dumbest things I've ever purchased... was a 2020 year planner.
  3. The worst thing I bought in 2019 was a 2020 planner
  4. What would be the worst puchase of 2020? A 2020 planner
  5. What does an event planner say to pick a girl up? "You are in my To-Do list"
  6. What is a wedding planner's favourite melon? Cantaloupe
  7. Somebody stole my day planner, but I caught the guy... He was at all my appointments.
  8. Electronic Arts should release physical analog day planners. DLC for Months.
  9. What did the dyslexic German event planner say? The hall of cost will be 1945
  10. What Do You Call Two Trains Crossing A Road? A Bad City Planner!
  11. The f**... planner died. They weren't quite sure what to do with him.
  12. What do you call an e**... with a day planner? Whorganized?

Planner joke, What do you call an e**... with a day planner?

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3 Engineers are discussing what type of engineer God is...

Engineer #1
Obviously a Structural Engineer,like me. Look at the skeleton! Its art!
Engineer #2
Obviously a Electrical Engineer, like me. Look at the Nervous System! Genius!
Engineer #3
He's not a City Planner, like me... You Never put a waste treatment center so close to a recreational facility!

Planner joke, Kids Party Planner Singapore

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