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The funeral planner died.

They weren't quite sure what to do with him.

What is the biggest waste of money?

A 2020 planner

Amongst the dumbest things I've ever purchased...

was a 2020 year planner.

Planner joke, Amongst the dumbest things I've ever purchased...

The worst thing I bought in 2019

was a 2020 planner

What would be the worst puchase of 2020?

A 2020 planner

3 Engineers are discussing what type of engineer God is...

Engineer #1

Obviously a Structural Engineer,like me. Look at the skeleton! Its art!

Engineer #2

Obviously a Electrical Engineer, like me. Look at the Nervous System! Genius!

Engineer #3

He's not a City Planner, like me... You Never put a waste treatment center so close to a recreational facility!

What does an event planner say to pick a girl up?

"You are in my To-Do list"

Planner joke, What does an event planner say to pick a girl up?

In my line of work, I manage to upset people on both sides of the aisle.

So yeah, I might not be the best wedding planner.

What do you call an escort with a day planner?


Somebody stole my day planner, but I caught the guy...

He was at all my appointments.

What did the dyslexic German event planner say?

The hall of cost will be 1945

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Dang this new wedding planner is great

For only an extra 200 bucks he'll consummate my marriage for me - whatever that means haha

Just got some good news from my financial planner

...she told me I'd only have to keep working 3 years after I die to afford my retirement.

What Do You Call Two Trains Crossing A Road?

A Bad City Planner!

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