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  1. What's the worst part about locking your key in your car outside of a Planned Parenthood? Going inside to ask for a coat hanger.
  2. I got fired from my job at Planned Parenthood My boss didn't like me saying Takeout or delivery? whenever someone walked in the door
  3. What's the worst part about locking yourself out of your car outside of a Planned Parenthood? Having to go inside to ask for a coat hanger
  4. Our local planned parenthood refuses to provide homeless women with abortions. They say beggars can't be choosers.
  5. If Carly Fiorina really wants to destroy Planned Parenthood, she should become its CEO
  6. I really didn't have a great childhood so I went to planned parenthood They kicked me out though. I don't understand I thought that place was suppose to bring out the kid In you.
  7. I accidentally locked my keys inside my car outside of a planned parenthood Going inside to ask for a hanger was pretty akward.......
  8. How do you get a billionaire to donate their fortune to Planned Parenthood? Take them to a PG rated movie.
  9. If you want to keep unwanted people out of America, Instead of building a wall, don't defund Planned Parenthood
  10. when protesters are about to surround a Planned Parenthood and the cops show up do you think they yell "Abort! Abort!"

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  1. Planned Parenthood as a train: Conductor: All Aboorrttttttt!
  2. I wonder if the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter had a Plan B?
  3. Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood... Will this be for delivery or take-out?
  4. I have an idea to defund planned parenthood. Just name Carly Fiorina as its CEO
  5. Black Friday Does anyone know if Planned Parenthood has a Black Friday sale?
  6. Did you hear that Planned Parenthood came out with a new game? It's called Abortnite.
  7. Planned Parenthood name Is the exact opposite of what people go there for
  8. Why are people so mad at the NRA? It's Planned Parenthood that sells arms.
  9. Planned Parenthood just announced a new retail outlet. byebye BABY
  10. What Do the Children of Planned Parenthood Employees say? Fetuses feed us.
  11. Saw a sign today.. Planned Parenthood
    Rear entry only.
  12. Most people see a "pregnant mom" planned parenthood sees a "parts store."
  13. What would you call Laura Croft if she worked at Planned Parenthood? w**... Raider

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Tide Gel tablets!

Brought to you by planned parenthood.
"We found a way for 5th term abortions!"

They say America is really divided right now...

But with all the Planned Parenthood closings, I think we're about to multiply.

Imagine there was a government agency called

Planned Parenthood that euthanized old racists.

Why is it called "Planned Parenthood?"

The people who go there obviously didn't plan for it to happen.

It always shocks me when people say republicans are anti-communists

With trying to make abortions i**..., get rid of birth control, defund planned parenthood, those all are textbook examples of seizing the means of reproduction.

At college football games, there's advertisements everywhere. Companies love presenting moments of the game.

Though it was ironic seeing Planned Parenthood presenting the "Delivery of the Game."

Told my coworker she was really killing it today, and she started crying.

Not my fault, I didn't know she was going to planned parenthood later

With the likelihood of Roe v. Wade being overturned abortion provides should start diversifying.

Product development idea: Planned Parenthood brand coat hangers

Being a second child my parents always told me that unlike my sister I was planned

What they failed to mention was the parenthood part

What do you call Planned Parenthood locations in Eastern Europe?

a-borsch-tion clinics

Every time a character in a TV Show says another round please they're immediately handed a drink by an attentive bartender.

But every time I do it all they say is:
For the last time, I'm not a bartender. This is planned parenthood. You need to leave.
Like okay! I get it I'm not rich and famous!

You ever lock your keys in your car at a Planned Parenthood?

Kinda awkward asking them for a coat hanger to unlock your car

Putting the new dry cleaner shop next to the Planned Parenthood was probably a bad idea.

All those discarded wire hangers in the dumpster aren't helping the cause.

A Jewish mother walks by a planned parenthood and sees a protestor who's sign says life begins at conception

She goes up to the man and says that may be true of Christian babies, but a Jewish fetus isn't viable until it graduates medical school!