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  1. TIL: Due to the placebo effect, if you tilt your head back, close your eyes, and pretend as if you're shaking a salt-shaker into your mouth, your brain will cause you to actually taste salt
  2. I got in trouble for using performance enhancing drugs I took a placebo before my psychology exam
  3. What idiot decided to call it randomized clinical trial with placebo And not trick or treatment
  4. Two concerts In my whole life I've only ever been to two concerts. I've seen Placebo, and I've seen The Cure.
    They were just as good as each other
  5. On my way home from work today I was listening to Placebo.. I thought I was listening to something else, but obviously I was the control group.
  6. My doctor is concerned my hypochondria is getting worse So he put me on stronger placebos.
  7. Placebos Turns out I'm addicted to placebos. I thought I could quit any time, but then withdrawal made me psychosomatic and gave me hypochondria.
  8. In the 90s, I was in a band called 'Homeopathy'. We were a bit like Placebo, but not quite as good. Credit to: u/effityjeffity
  9. I was part of a scientific study on the calming effects of listening to the Three Tenors. I felt great, but was in the control group. It turns out I was listening to Placebo Domingo.
  10. Turkish saying about the Placebo effect "If you take this medicine, you'll be cured in 7 days. If you don't take it, you'll be cured in one week"

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  1. I'm addicted to placebos. I could quit but it wouldn't matter.
  2. Is that placebo working for you? Well, now that you mention it, no.
  3. They found the biggest hypochondriac yet… … he overdosed on placebos.
  4. What do you call a fake opera singer? Placebo Domingo.
  5. Why are my recipes so tasty? My secret ingredient is placebo.
  6. Aspirin is a Placebo!!! That sense of relief you're feeling is all in your head.

Placebo joke, Aspirin is a Placebo!!!

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What's the difference between a mad engineer and a mad scientist?

The mad engineer builds an efficient, well-desined death ray and destroys the world in one blow.
The mad scientist builds his death ray and divides the world into three randomised groups: an experimental group to be killed, a control group to be spared and a group that is told they are dead to account for the placebo effect.

Reasons the idiot couldn't kill himself.

He couldn't find the tailpipe on his Tesla.
He jumped in front of a model train.
The bullets wouldn't fit in the squirt gun.
He overdosed on placebo pills.
He jumped off a low bridge.
He stuck a plastic fork in an outlet.
He doused himself in diesel and tried to light it.
He leaped into an animal cage at the petting zoo.

The results of a 3-year trial for a drug that prevents diabetes are in.

A scientist walks into his boss's office to brief him on the results.
"How did you conduct this study?" asked the boss,
"We gave a group of 300 participants our drug, at 3 doses a day, and another 300 a placebo. We then found the number of people in each group who had diabetes." replied the scientist.
"What did you find?"
"If you give a control group sugar pills 3 times a day for 3 years, they'll all get diabetes."

I know that the placebos is supposed to help with testing pills and medicines if they actually work...

But who's smart-a**... idea was it to try it with Birth Control!?!?

My doctor advised me for stress reduction to listen to opera music

He gave me a CD. I've been listening all night but I'm not sure if its actually having an effect. It says on the cover the guys name is Placebo Domingo.

So I was part of a double blind clinical study...

So I was a part of a double blind clinical study of the effects of sugar pills on patients. Little did I know, I was part of the placebo group and was given Xanax.

Placebo joke, What do you call a fake opera singer?