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Funniest Pita Short Jokes

Short pita jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The pita humour may include short kebab jokes also.

  1. Did you know that Spider-Man has a winter jacket made out of Mediterranean flatbread? It's a pita parka.
  2. A man walks into a bakery right before closing time And asks, "do you have any pita?"
    The baker responds, "no, there's naan left."
  3. TIL you can make a gyro by folding a crepe in half instead of pita bread. But you don't have to do it this way. Because not all gyros wear crepes
  4. I was thinking of opening a pita place where all staff have to LOVE pitas. I was going to call it pita-philes.
  5. Trick Daddy asked Trina for Persian bread, so she brought him some pita. He said, "Girl you don't know naan"
  6. So the Middle Eastern restaurant near my house has been selling baby meat I regret ordering the 'pita platter of tiny feet'
  7. TIL that mr t used to wrap victims in flat bread to t**... them He liked to pita the fools
  8. Europeans use too many gyros for the s**... of animals. Let's alert PITA. That was a terrible pun. I falafel.

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Pita One Liners

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  1. I poisoned my wifes pita dip The police charged me with hummus-cide
  2. I really like pita bread, in fact... It's second to Naan.
  3. My #2 favorite international bread is pita It's second to Naan.
  4. What did Mr.T say to the bread? I "pita" the fool!
  5. Ever hear a flatbread sing? Ever hear a pita wrap?
  6. Why did the Germans bail the Greeks out? Because they took Pita on them
  7. [OC] How does captain hook cook pita bread? With a pita pan.
  8. How does Captain Hook warm his Greek food? Pita Pan
  9. What should you never eat when hangry? PITA bread.
  10. What was the true identity of the Greek Spider-Man? Pita Parker
  11. I took my Indian friend to a Persian restaurant He said the pita was second to naan.
  12. What do they call pita bread in Mexico? Pita pan
  13. I was told that the supermarket sold pita bread But i searched every aisle and found naan
  14. What's the name of the new shawarma restaurant in Neverland? Pita Pan

Pita joke, What's the name of the new shawarma restaurant in Neverland?

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Pita joke, What do they call pita bread in Mexico?