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Three engineers were discussing who could have been the architect of the human body.

The first said, "It definitely was a Mechanical Engineer, look at all the joints."

The second said, "Nah dude, it was an Electrical Engineer, look at all the electrical connections from the brain."

The third said, "Nope, only a Civil Engineer will run piping carrying sanitation waste right next to a recreational area."


Two friends are wandering through a forest....

....When they are captured by tribals. They take them to their leader.

The two guys beg for mercy. The leader, surprisingly spoke English. He says, You have two choices: Death, or Bugaro.

The two guys think for a while. Then, the first one replies Bugaro, i choose Bugaro

So be it says the leader. Soon, the tribals come back, with a thick, piping hot, metal rod. They take off the man's underwear, and shove the rod up his ass.

Seeing his friend in such pain, the other guy thinks that it's better to die, than endure such punishment

I choose death he says

The tribals all look at him, in surprise, and then start singing



Why did the Hipster order piping hot soup?

He wanted to eat it before it was cool.


Why do they make different kind of piping for electrical wiring?

Because regular Pipe Conduit


I like my coffee like my women...

Piping hot and all over my lap in the McDonald's drive thru

(backs away very slowly, opens door without turning around, lurks out...)


Did you hear about the comedian who fell in a big vat of piping hot oil?

Gilbert got fried.

(I apologize to Gilbert.)


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