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Pierre Curie walks into his lab and says to his wife: "Marie, everyday you look more radiant."

[could be a repost]

How do Frenchmen share files?

Pierre to Pierre.

The founding fathers of Canada are sitting in front of a map filling in names for cities...

Pierre: "I suppose the capital there should have a name, too, me."

Gaton "ought to, uh?"

When I was visiting France, my French friends kept insisting I stay up every night and do drugs.

I was under a lot of Pierre pressure.

My friend Pierre tried to convince me to do drugs with him.

It was really hard, but I managed to resist Pierre pressure.

My French friends can get me to do anything. I'm highly susceptible to Pierre pressure.

I don't know what a "tua" is but, I think I could manage one.

Pierre never liked it when I called him my step dad...

So I now refer to him as my Faux Pas.

Pierre joke, Pierre never liked it when I called him my step dad...

Don't ever mess with the French Midget Mafia...

You might find yourself taking a long walk off a short Pierre.

French computer scientists have come up with a better way of sharing electronic files.

It's a Pierre to Pierre network.

What do you call a French guy with an empty bladder?


I just found out my little brother has been forced to smoke at school by some mad french foreign exchange student.

It was Pierre pressure

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My brother's just been talked into smoking by a french exchange student.

Talk about Pierre pressure

What did one dehydrated French guy say to the other?

What do we do now, Pierre?

Little known fact: after their supposed death, Pierre and Marie Curie went on to become successful underwater assassins using a certain heavy metal.

Hundreds of people died of mer-Curie poisoning.

My grandpas favorite joke

Have you heard the one about the dehydrated french man named Pierre?

What do you call a dehydrated frenchman?


Pierre joke, What do you call a dehydrated frenchman?

Two Frenchmen attempt to escape a POW camp...

The pair break out of their cells and manage to reach the wire fence in the dead of night. As Pierre scales the fence he stumbles, alerting a nearby guard, who calls out "Who's there?!"

"Meow!" Pierre shouts back, and he manages to creep away.

Now Francois climbs the fence and he stumbles and the guard again called, 'Who goes there?'

"Another cat!"

What does Sidney Crosby say after a blow job?

"Thanks Pierre"

What Did Owen the Owl say to Pierre the Mountain Lion?

Hanging out with you is a real hoot.

If only Jason Pierre Paul played for the Patriots instead of the Giants...

He would be the first NFL player to have a ring on every finger.

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