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Pickle Slicer

So a guy comes home from work, kinda bummed out, and his wife asked "What's wrong dear?" The fella says "Every day when I leave work I have the urge to stick my finger in the bottom of the pickle slicer." His wife replies "Well, if it bothers you that much then do it, but I don't want to hear about you getting hurt."

So the next day the guy comes home with a black eye and his wife asks what happened. "Remember what I said about putting my finger in the bottom of the pickle slicer?" And the wife says "Uh, yeah - how did that work out?"

"Well, I should have asked her first!"

I have a friend who worked at a pickle factory

He got fired for putting his finger in the pickle slicer...

She got fired too.

My friend was fired for sticking his finger in the pickle slicer again the other day

Don't worry they fired her too

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