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I see that software legend Photoshop is turning 25 this week.

Actually, it's turning 38. It just looks 25.

If I photoshopped a medical license

Would that be a doctored image?

You were really beautiful until

Your 30 day trial of Photoshop ended.

Photoshop joke, You were really beautiful until

Which store do the Kardashians put most of their time and energy into?


Doctor: "Your x-ray showed a broken rib...

... but we fixed it with Photoshop."

My sister said she wanted to be a model

I told her that it would take 20 minutes in photoshop minimum

Teach a man how to meme and they'll make a few people laugh

Teach a man how to photoshop EA's logo on a picture and he'll get gold.

Photoshop joke, Teach a man how to meme and they'll make a few people laugh

A man goes to the doctor...

The doctor says: I have good news and bad news...
The man replies: - Okay start with the bad news.
-See this X-ray here? This is your organs, see this black circles? There are tumours everywhere in your body.
- Oh... and what is the good news?
- I can make it disappear in Photoshop.

I saw a pirate finally purchase Adobe Photoshop.

He handed the cashier a hook and a peg.

How to make Gnu/Linux run Photoshop?

You serve it WINE.

Baby you were beautiful

Until your Photoshop 30 days trial expired

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What do you call a program that creates and sells pictures?

A Photoshop

Why does the Lord's son never lose his progress in Photoshop?

Because Jesus saves.

GNU/Linux can't run Photoshop..

unless you offer it WINE.
Else you will remain stuck with a GIMPed system.

I found a shop where they sell perfect abs for men...

It's called photoshop.

What's a photoshop artist's least favorite tool?


Photoshop joke, What's a photoshop artist's least favorite tool?

What do you call a photoshop work with green yellow and red pigments?

A photo synthesis

I went to a plastic surgeon, and asked him to give me a photoshop demo. He replied with Photoshop isn't working

I find it odd the second I walk in the room photoshop fails to work.

What's the difference between winter and Photoshop?

There is none. They're both frustrating and are more tolerable when you use a lot of layers.

Alcohol is...

the liquid version of Photoshop

You know what to do.

Here's a picture of my cousin. Brothers and sisters of the Photoshop lend your skills. Funnies needed.

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