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A British girl meets a guy...

And they hit it off immediately. The girl goes to her dad the next day to tell him about it.

"Oh, dad, he's just the sweetest! He loves dancing and photography, he's great with kids, and he volunteers at an animal shelter. He's funny, handsome, a great listener, oh! and he's a goalie for a local football team. Oh dad, what do you think?"

Her dad looked at her with an odd expression and said "Oh honey...

... *he's a keeper*"

A Instagram user walks into a bar...

A Instagram user walks into a #bar #pub #brewery #happyhour #bigplace #beer #night #party #fun #photography #conceptual #art #drink #peperoni #olives #lights #table #chair #followme

Why couldn't the press take pictures of the fastest superhero?

No Flash photography.

Photography joke, Why couldn't the press take pictures of the fastest superhero?

What did the shirt say to the pants?

What up britches!

(At a photography studio today, taking an extended family picture with like 15 people there. This is what the photographer said to get us to smile. I couldn't stop laughing, and was beet red. We had to wait for me to calm down. I'm a middle age married man with teenage kids , it was great fun seeing my girls roll their eyes at dad, that couldn't stop laughing at a dumb joke.)

I need someone good with photography to brighten all my images for me.

Hoping you'll do it for the exposure.

I gave up on photography.

Couldn't focus.

Shoot the kids, hang the parents, frame grandpa...

I tried to tell Rob the slogan for his new photography business needed fixing but he wasn't having any of it.

Photography joke, Shoot the kids, hang the parents, frame grandpa...

Photography at a strip club was a failure

Everyone in the photos was over-exposed

I'm starting a photography business from home soon

I'll let you know if anything develops.

How do you take a picture of the Little Mermaid?

Using Ariel photography. (If that doesn't work, try your shell phone.)

I failed my course in Photography Lighting

Teacher said I wasn't bright enough.

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Mr Peg, my Digital Photography teacher, just passed away.

Rest in peace Jay.

I brought my camera to a strip club for my photography project

I ended up failing because everyone in my photos was over-exposed.

Why was the Polaroid fanfiction ignored by the photography community?

Because it wasn't Canon.

I got arrested for shooting up a school.

Apparently, I failed to notice signs prohibiting photography in the aquarium.

Warner Brothers cracks down on paparazzi problems on "Justice League" set...

...apparently they're not allowing any unauthorized flash photography.

Photography joke, Warner Brothers cracks down on paparazzi problems on "Justice League" set...

How did David Hasselhoff attract the women in his nude photography class

By showing hoff

Why can't Christians do macro photography?

Because the Devil is in the details.

How do you end up with a photography business worth $1 million?

Start out with $2 million.

I once photographed a high school track team practice for the yearbook..

I guess you could call it *timed laps* photography.

Life is like photography

You use the negatives to develop.

A new photography studio near me specializes in taking portraits of angry single men. The owner goes by Incel Adams.

School shootings in the U.S. have only increased in frequency in the past few years

Between the increased interest in photography class and the heroin epidemic, I've lost enough friends

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