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What are some Phobia jokes?

I have a phobia of over-engineered buildings.

It's a complex complex complex.

Doctor: You might have a phobia of marriage. Do you think you have the symptoms?

Man: Can't say I do.

Doctor: Yes. That's the main one.

I've recently developed a severe phobia of elevators.

I'm taking steps to avoid them.

I have a huge phobia of hair.

I dreadlocks.

I have a phobia of German sausage

Yes, I fear the wurst

Therapist: "I think you have a phobia of marriage. Do you know the symptoms?"

Me: "I can't say I do."

Therapist: "That's one of them."

If Bruce Wayne overcame his fear of bats by becoming his phobia...

why am I still afraid of failure?

In Iran, everyone's scared of spiders..

But in Iraq, no phobia.

What is the Phobia for chainsaws called?

Common sense

What's the similarity between pessimists and people with a phobia of sausages?

They both fear the wurst

I have a phobia of the square root of 2

It's just one of my irrational fears

What is the phobia of "getting married" called?

Common sense.

What do you call a phobia of machetes?

Common sense

I have a really bad phobia of speed bumps...

But I'm slowly getting over it

Do you have a phobia of intruders sneaking into your home?

You're not alone.

What did Spider-Man say when he was deployed to the Middle East?

Iraq, no phobia

We think you may have a phobia of marriage

Doctor: We think you may have a phobia of marriage. Do you know what the symptoms are?

Me: I can't say I do.

Doctor: That's one of the symptoms, yes.

I've been working on getting rid of my phobia of speed bumps.

I'm slowly getting over it.

In Iran, people are afraid of spiders...

But in Iraq, no phobia

What do you call a fear of Alkaline?

A pH-obia

did you hear about the mathematics whiz who was afraid of negative numbers?

his phobia was so bad that he will stop at nothing to avoid them.

dedicated to my special friend blader2601.

I enjoy flying, but have a severe phobia of boarding queues

I spoke to the doctor, but they said it was a terminal illness

What do you call a phobia of acids?


I had a phobia of icebergs, so my psychiatrist said to try taking my phobia head on.

As Captain of the Titanic, there might've been some misinterpretation going on there...

What's the similarity between a sailor and a thief?

Both have a phobia for sirens.

I have a fear of overly esoteric prefixes in front of the word "phobia."

I know what it's called, I just can't bring myself to say it.

I've got a speed bumb phobia

But I'm slowly getting over it, which is nice...

What's the phobia where you're afraid of Florida?


A man with a phobia of old men files a complaint about Santa...

He didn't like his Christmas presence...

What did the psychologist say to his client after diagnosing him with a phobia on January 1?

Happy new fear.

I have an irrational fear of giants.

I have Fee Fi Phobia.

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