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Did you hear about the newlyweds who didn't know the difference between putty and petroleum jelly?

Their windows fell out.

What's the German word for Vaseline aka petroleum jelly?


The Gryffindor trio went for a roadtrip.

Halfway there, Harry realised him being the driver forgot to check the meter.

"What were you thinking?", Ron & Hermione exclaimed.

*"Expecto Petroleum?"*

What spell does America cast every time they invade a country in the Middle East?

Expecto Petroleum

What did Harry Potter say when he invaded Afghanistan?

Expected petroleum.

The blackest dad

3 kids were arguing to see who had the blackest dad.

The first kid says: "My dad is so black, when he pee, it comes out petroleum"

The second kid says: "That's nothing compared to my dad, he's so black that when he takes a dump, he poops coal"

The third kid laughs and say: "you think that's black? My dad's so black that when he farts, we stay a week in the dark"

What does RoboCop use for fuel?


What did Harry Potter say at the gas pump?

Expecto Petroleum

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