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Top 10 Funniest Percussion Jokes and Puns

What do you call a head injury at a drummer's convention in Moscow, Russia?

A concussion at the Russian percussion discussion.

Why is the all-lisp percussion section so quiet?

Because thimbles aren't very loud.

For my next trick, I intend to eat a
percussion instrument in a sandwich.

Drum roll please...

Have you heard about the music stores percussion sale?

Their prices can't be beat

Have you heard about their guitar sale?

The prices are solo

Do you know that percussionist in the band?

Yeah, he rings a bell.

What do you call tension in the percussion section?


Why is it so easy to get a job as a percussion instructor?

You just have to answer a few cymbal questions.

Percussion joke, Why is it so easy to get a job as a percussion instructor?

Why is a convent's percussion section so confusing?

It's a co-nun-drum

A percussionist tells his fellow percussionists some puns

His group laughs at every pun he makes. He asks a friend:

Hey, are my puns a tenor what?

I used to play melodic percussion,

but I just can't marimba anymore...

I fell and hit my head on my drum set today...

Me: Dad, I think I have a concussion
Dad: No son, you have a PER-cussion

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Why didn't the band director ever criticize the percussion section?

He didn't want to drum up discord.

A sheep, a percussion instrument, and a rattlesnake walk into a bar...


A percussionist gets punched. What does it do?

It would block.

What's the worst sound to hear through your noise-cancelling headphones?

The percussion of your own fart in a quiet study room.

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