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What do you give a girl that has everything?


So an American walks into a store in the Midwest and says, I'd like to buy that .50 cal sniper riffle with 4,000 rounds of ammunition and a box of penicillin...

The store clerk replies: sorry Sir, I'm going to have to see some paperwork for that penicillin.

A psycopath goes into a store

He approaches the person at the counter and asks:

-Hello sir, may I have an assault rifle, 3,000 rounds, a scope, and a box of penicillin?

-Sorry sir, I can't sell you penicillin without a prescription.

What do you give a woman who has everything?


What should you give the guy who has everything?


I was making fancy French cheese...

I tried to make the rind but it didn't work. Turns out I had used penicillin instead of *Penicillium*...

Just one more food ruined by antibrieotics...

I was using penicillin, but it turned out that I was allergic.

I just can't take it anymore.

An American goes to a shop.

And asks for a full automatic rifle, 40.000 bullets and a pack of penicillin.

The shop owner says: I am sorry sir, I canΒ΄t sell you the penicillin without a prescription.

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A man goes to the doctor for a sore throat..

The doc looks into his throat, makes his diagnosis;

doc: " Looks like you have strep. Have you taken penicillin before?"

man: " Yes I have".

doc: " Alright."

The doctor's nurse gives the man penicillin and within minutes, he starts convulsing, having a full body rash and trouble breathing. The doctor runs back into the room and yells at the man

The man replies in a muffled voice: "Yea, and the same thing happened last time too"

Why did some film critics hate the movie about Alexander Fleming, the inventor of Penicillin?

They were anti-biopics.

What do you get for the man who has everything?


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