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Little Johnny's peanut

Little Sally comes home from school one day and says to her mom, "Mommy, mommy, you won't believe it! Little Johnny pulled out his pee-pee in class today! It was like a peanut."

The mom replies, "Oh, it was small?"

Little Sally says, "No, it was salty."


A little girl comes home from school and her mother asks how her day was. The little girl told her mom That she had found out something new. Her mother asked what it was and the girl replied
"Johnny showed me his pee-pee today and it reminded me of a peanut."
Of course her mother was disturbed and she decided to go along with the little girl's act to see if it wasn't true.
"What about it reminded you of a peanut? Was it small like a peanut?"
"No, it tasted salty."

Eat Your Broccoli

Little Johnny is having dinner with his family. He's eating everything except broccoli. His dad notices it and says, "Johnny, if you eat your broccoli, your pee-pee will grow big." Suddenly, Mom turns around and gives Dad a big slap.

Dad: What was that for?

Mom: For not eating your broccoli.

A boy and a girl are playing naked in the sand, when the boy starts laughing at the girl that she does not have a peepee. The girl just grins and says...

When I grow up, I will have as many peepees as I like.

A little boy walks in on his dad jerking off...

Startled, the boy asked, "Daddy?! What are you doing with your pee-pee?!"
The dad answered, "Don't worry son, its normal, and you'll be doing it soon."
"Why is that dad?"
"Well son... my arms getting tired."


And poopoo also.

Three old ladies are sitting on a park bench

Just then, a flasher ran up to them and exposed his peepee. The First Lady has a stroke, the second lady had a stroke but sadly, the third lady couldn't reach

Peepee joke, Three old ladies are sitting on a park bench

Little Mary told her dad that Johnny's peepee reminded her of a peanut.

Dad: Why? Is it tiny ?

Little Mary: No ! Salty !

What do you say to a dog to get him to go pee-pee?

"Urine for a treat!"

Part of my peepee fell off.

Wanna peep?

My only joke.

What did one little boy say to another who wanted to join the pee-pee club?


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I like my women like I like my coffee.

With a little pee-pee.

A 12 year old boy experienced his first wet dream

Scared by the experience he went to his dad
Boy: umhh dad, i had a strange thing come out of my peepee last night
Dad: don't worry son it was nutting

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