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A peeping tom fell out if a tree, where did he end up?

In the ICU

A peephole was found drilled into the wall of a women's locker room in a gym in Manhattan.

...........The police are looking into it.

Why can you trust chocolate but not marshmallow?

Because chocolate doesn't make a peep.

Peep joke, Why can you trust chocolate but not marshmallow?

Walking past a lunatic asylum

Walking past a lunatic asylum , and I could hear the inmates shouting 13, 13, 13, 13, curiosity got the better of me but the walls were too tall to see over .all the time they kept on shouting 13, 13, 13, finally I found a hole in the wall so I took a peep and some fool poked me in the eye with a stick and then they started shouting 14, 14, 14, 14,

A peephole has been found at a local girl's bathroom...

Don't worry, police are looking into it.

I was going to make a scene when they told me I couldn't join the Easter Egg hunt...

...instead I just left without a Peep.

Blonde and the pervert.

Who's really annoyed because a pervert keeps peeping through the keyhole while shes in the bathroom. One day she has a brilliant idea though. So the next day the pervert sees the blonde going to the bathroom, as the pervert approaches the bathroom he notices something odd.... the door isn't there anymore and he can see the blonde completely naked changing her clothes. The blonde laughs at the pervert and says "Can't peep through the keyhole anymore!"

Peep joke, Blonde and the pervert.

Last time I went to a peep show, I personally knew the girl getting her kit off

It was fappenstance.

My dentist said I shouldn't eat as much candy.

So I went home without a Peep.

There was a peephole found in the women's restroom at work

the boss is looking into it

We think our cat ate a dozen of our baby chicks yesterday

...but we can't seem to get a peep out of her!

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Woody caught Buzz and Bo Peep having toy sex

Woody: "What's the meaning of this???!!"

Bo Peep: "You got a friend in me..."

What does the horn sound like on a marshmallow car?

Peep. Peep.

Why could they not hear the drug addict's cry for help?

It was just a lil peep

21 Savage did Bank Account. Lil Pump did Gucci Gang,

Lil peep did drugs

What did Bo Peep say when Woody walked in on her and Buzz cheating?

You've got a friend in me

Peep joke, What did Bo Peep say when Woody walked in on her and Buzz cheating?

Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep, and didn't know where to find them...

...but an Air Search revealed they were in the next field, with a big dirty kiwi behind them

What did Bo Peep say to Woody when he caught her with Buzz Lightyear?

"You've got a friend in me!"

What did John Lennon say when he first arrived at the Door section of Home Depot.

Imagine all the peep holes.

Where do Peeping Toms with foot fetishes hold their annual conference?

Topeka, KS

I'm surprised we haven't heard a peep out of the NRA over the whole Disney/Guardians of the Galaxy thing

Usually they are hellbent on defending anything involving a Gunn.

Y du peepol say i hav bad speling?

Coment balo

Woody walks in on Little Bo Peep and Buzz Light year in the bedroom...

Woody, baffled, says "What is going on here??"

Bo Peep Replies: "You've got a friend in me?"


And poopoo also.

Part of my peepee fell off.

Wanna peep?

To see a peeping tom at my window while I'm changing is frightening....

But it still hurts when they reach in and pull the curtains shut

What do you call a broken Bo Peep figurine in a trailer park?

Little Po' Peep.

How do you know when the movie in a peep show stall is finished?

Its all over.

Help! I think I broke my phone's speaker! All I did was convert my normal rap playlist into an emo rap playlist.

Now all I can hear is a Lil Peep.

I peeped into a glory hole.

And I got cockeyed.

Peeping Tom decided to spend more time at home . . .

He was trying to maintain a proper lurk/wife balance.

The police were called to a female gym...

The female manager ran out to greet the two male officers as they exited their vehicle.

Please, come quickly. She said in horror, We've found a peep hole drilled into the changing room. Some pervert has been watching us!

Don't worry, the policeman said reassuringly, We'll track down the suspect right away. Please tell all the ladies to go back to their exercising. There's nothing to worry about anymore.

The gym manager nodded, relieved, And what about the hole in the wall?

Rest assured The other police officer said, We'll be looking into it

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