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So a man owns a pet giraffe...

...and one day decides that he is peckish. So he goes down to his local McDonalds, giraffe in tow. He decides that he will have a hamburger; he buys one for the giraffe too. Then decides he's still hungry, so he has some fries. Again, the giraffe gets the same. The man then decides he is thirsty, and the giraffe and the man have a milkshake each. Satisfied, the man leaves with the giraffe. However the mixture has taken its toll on the giraffe, which falls down with a bad stomach. Upon seeing this the owner steps out of the restaurant and shouts, "Hey! Ya can't leave that lyin' there!" to which the man replies, "It isn't a lion! It's a giraffe!"

A chicken walks into a bar

A chicken walks into a bar.

Bartender: "We don't serve poultry"

Chicken: "Don't worry I'm only feeling a bit peckish"

Bartender: "No, I mean we don't serve birds"

Chicken: "Why?"

Bartender: "You might run the place afoul"

Chicken: "But my wing-man is a duck"

Bartender: "You might want to try some where else if you want to get down"

Chicken: "I heard this was the best place to get laid"

Bartender: "Well its not here... have you tried the place across the street?"

A woodworm walks into a restaurant...

"Table for two please, I'm feeling peckish."

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