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So I'm 30 and Charlotte is 21. Went out last night and we kept getting funny looks like I was some sort of peadophile. Does anyone else think that age is just a number?

It's completely ruined our 10 year anniversary


What did the peadophile say when he was released from prison?

I feel like a kid again


What happened to the peadophile Tom Cat?

He got arressted for possession of kitty porn.


My girlfriend and I had to leave the restaurant early today due to insensitive people calling me a nonce and peadophile all because I'm 33 and my missus is 16.

It totally ruined our 10yr anniversary.


Peadophiles are just fucking immature assholes


Why shouldnt you make peadophile jokes to the pope?

Because it's wholly inappropriate.


What kind of file can turn a hole the size of a pea into the size of an apple?

A Peadophile.


a Homophobe, a Priest and a Peadophile walk into a bar

and the barman says "what can i get you sir"


My girlfriend called me a peadophile the other day

I said 'that's a big word for a 6 year old'


One Peadophile asks the other Peadophile....

Can you swap two fives for a ten?


Why did the peadophile sign up for Netflix?

He liked chillin.


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