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  1. Why are some Americans boycotting the Netflix show 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events'? Because it stars Kneel Patrick Harris.
  2. If I had a nickel for every time Patrick Star said something s**...... >!I have 3 dollars.!<

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  1. SpongeBob may be the main character in the show… ..but Patrick is the star.
  2. Why is Spongebob the main character When Patrick is clearly the star?
  3. How come Spongebob is the main character? When Patrick is the star.
  4. Spongebob might be the main character But Patrick is the real star.
  5. Why is the show called SpongeBob when... Patrick is the star. Hurr durr. Tee-hee.
  6. If Patrick Star were a rapper what would his rap name be? Pusha P
  7. Spongebob isn't the star of his own show. Patrick is.
  8. Just in: Neil Patrick Harris is starring in a new afro-american sitcom! How I met yo mama
  9. What did the French-Canadian starfish deviant say to Patrick Star? 'Allo Patrick
  10. Patrick Star is so clueless It's like he lives under a rock or something
  11. Did you know that Patrick Star does h**...? NEEDLE NEEDLE NEEDLE

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