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A traditional Indian woman walks into a bar for the first time...

She sits down between two men.

She hears the first man says to the bartender "Johnny Walker, single."

Then second man says to the bartender "Jack Daniels, single."

The bartender turns to the Indian woman... She says "Pushpaben Patel, Married."

In the coffee room of the hospital, two doctors were having an argument......

Dr Hardy, gesticulating with his hands, says "No no no, I am telling you it is Woomba"

Dr Patel disagrees "No Man, I'm 100% it is Whoooooommmmmm"

They go on like this for about 10 minutes, with neither backing down. Finally, exasperated that the argument is preventing him from reading his paper, an obstetrician stands up, walks over, and in a rather superior manner says 'Gentleman, the spelling you are looking for is w-o-m-b. Womb' He then tucks his paper under his arm, and walks away to find a quieter spot to enjoy his paper.

After he has gone away, Dr Hardy turns to Dr Patel and says, "I bet you
he has never even seen a hippopotamus, never mind heard one fart under water!"

A lady from India visited the USA for the first time and visited a bar...

She sat in front of the bartender with two guys sitting on either side of her.
"Jack Daniels, single." Ordered the one on her left.
Johnny Walker, single." Ordered the one on the right.
The bartender then looked at the lady and asked, "And you, ma'am?"
"Sonia Patel, married." She replied.

Which Hollywood actor can be a Software engineer in US?

Dev Patel

A patella throws a party

Because he's fun-knee

What is the most popular brand of Indian vodka?

Patel One.

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