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Top 10 Funniest Pastry Chef Jokes and Puns

A private goes AWOL from the Army to follow his calling as a pastry chef, but gets caught and arrested.

He was eventually court-martialed and sentenced to five years in prison for being a desserter.

There was once a pastry competition...

Many bakers submitted their desserts to the contest, but the judges were torn between two Italian chefs' pastries.

They said to the chefs, "We would love for both of you to win... *But there cannoli be one."*

What do you call an eerie French pastry chef?

A crepe.

Pastry Chef joke, What do you call an eerie French pastry chef?

Why am I scared of french pastry chefs?

They give me the crepes.

How did the pastry chef do on the donut-making exam?

She passed with frying crullers.

Why shouldn't you fall in love with a pastry chef?

He'll dessert you!

What's the difference between a belly dancer and an incompetent pastry chef?

One shakes body parts and the other bakes shoddy tarts.

Pastry Chef joke, What's the difference between a belly dancer and an incompetent pastry chef?

If a chocolatier and a pastry chef have a child together, will they also make delicious food?

Not Nestle Sara Lee

You would think that you would be a better pastry chef

With all the creampie videos I watch...

What do you call a deep thinking pastry chef?

A filosopher.

Why did the captain execute the pastry chef?

Because his orders were to shoot all desserters.

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They call me the Pastry Chef

Because all your mothers came to get cream pies from me.

What does the apathetic pastry Chef say?

I doughnut care.

The girl and the pastry chefs

There once was a girl who kept being followed by pastry chefs wearing cook hats. After countless days of being followed, she asked her friend if she could tell her why the chefs were following her. The friend replied "you really need to do something about that yeast infection."

I still can't believe how the pastry chef died...

It's hard to imagine a cruller fate.

What do you call a radical muslim pastry chef?

Chocolate bomber

Pastry Chef joke, What do you call a radical muslim pastry chef?

Why did the pastry chef poison his pet parakeets?

He was trying to kill 2 birds with 1 scone.

I once had a position where everyday my palms were greased

And I made a lot of dough, only to see it all frittered away; Life wasn't easy as a pastry chef.

What kind of business advice do you give a pastry chef?

He should try to make his margarines butter.

What do you call a street vendor pastry chef going out of business?

Custards last stand

Why do pot shop pastry chefs make so much money?

Because it's such a high whisk job.

What's the difference between a commando and a pastry chef?

One goes in guns blazing, the other goes in buns glazing!

Why do pastry chefs have the messiest divorces?

Because they always end up in custardy battles.

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