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What did one passive aggressive republican say to the passive aggressive democrat?

I don't know, let me go check my Facebook feed.

What is the difference between an Eskimo and a eunuch?

One is a frigid midget with a rigid digit, the other is a massive vassal with a passive tassel

(found this in Horace's Satires)

How many passive-aggressive people does it take to change a lightbulb?

Oh never mind, I'll just sit here in the dark...

Passive joke, How many passive-aggressive people does it take to change a lightbulb?


A man hears his neighbors having sex very night, so In a fit of passive aggressiveness, he changes the name of his wifi network to "Icanhearyouhavingsex".

The next day when he goes to sign on to his wifi, he sees another network labeled "Wecanhearyounothavingsex"

What did the eyeball say?

Eyes, in deep despair, looking up, said in a passive tone, "wazzup brow"

When grammar nazis correct me, I start to make errors on purpose to mess with them.

You can say I'm passive, aggressive.

I'm a passive aggressive driver.

I pass other drivers and then aggressively speed towards the next one.

Passive joke, I'm a passive aggressive driver.

Don't worry if you've forgotten the first rule of Passive Aggressive Club, it's fine.

How many passive aggressive people does it take to change a light bulb?

Don't bother, I'll do it myself.

What did the passive aggressive raven say to Edgar Allen Poe?

"...ugh nevermind"


Active : Faith can move mountains
Passive : Mountains can be moved by Faith

Conclusion : English is very funny language

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1 in 3 homicides start with a passive aggressive note.

But of course you are too busy to read it.

There's a group of passive aggressive people that keep saying I'm a snoopy mailman

I know because they keep writing letters about it to their friends.

I'm not passive aggressive.

Unlike *some* people.

Happy International Women's Day!

Or a sad one, or an angry one, or maybe a passive aggressive one. You never really know with women.

I met a passive aggressive witch.

She didn't curse me she just blessed everyone around me.

Passive joke, I met a passive aggressive witch.

If someone does something to annoy you, DONT just be passive aggressive about.

Unlike SOME people I know.

Active Voice: I wrote the paper.

Passive Voice: The paper was written by me.

Inner Voice: Dafuq did I write!?!

How many passive aggressive people does it take to change a lightbulb?

I don't know. Why don't *you* change it yourself instead of waiting for other people to do it?

I'd tell you my passive aggressive joke...

But only a complete idiot would laugh at it.

I got pulled over by the Grammar Police.

The cop was pretty passive about the sentence he handed me.

I care about gay and transgender rights, but not enough to vote or do anything about it.

I'm passive progressive.

I am not passive aggressive

Unlike someone

People who get cancer from passive smoking

Stand outside the chemotherapy room for treatment.

My wife and I are playing the passive aggressive thermostat game...

She is currently winning 73 to 68

My mother is so passive aggressive.

She says things to me like, You can't just seem to do anything right, and that's what I really love about you.

[nsfw]How does a person with Parkinson smoke cigarettes?


The easiest way to passive income and free housing benefits




Well, we're sure you're really busy with all of your important things.

So, we'll just have to wait, until you feel that we've waited long enough, and maybe then, you'll be able to find some time for others.

It's fine.

So we were learning about passive and active voices,the teacher asked me if "jenny was eating a sausage" was active or passive.

I told him neither because there are only objects in the sentence.

Did you hear the judge's recent linguistic faux pas, when they were addressing a recently convicted defendant?

I Order you to serve 2 years incarcerated, 2 years active probation, 1 year of passive probation, 400 hours of community service, evidence of completion of an education service approved by the court, submit to a mental health evaluation..., etc., etc..

Yeah, it was a run-on sentence.

What do you call a passive communist country?

The so-be-it union (one of my original jokes)

I work at a hospital. The staff are really stressed out and are being passive aggressive toward each other.

They keep telling each other to be positive.

Someone once told me that I'm passive aggressive all the time

I told him to please move on in life.

The first rule of passive aggressive club is...

You know what, nevermind. It's fine.

I am a very passive agressive person. I always abuse in passive voice. For instance...

"Your ass will be kicked by me."

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