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If you make Dad jokes....

.... but you have no children....

Does that make you a faux pas?


Super fast Nano

A tata nano breaks down on a roadside. A BMW 750Li stops to help the driver.

"I will tow you to the next service station, but if I drive too fast please flash your lights."

They start up slowly but only a km or so down the line a Porsche speeds pas 150km/hour.

The BMW driver totally forgets about the Nano and guns it after the Porsche.

Just as all 3 of them tear through a speed trap, the cop radios the HQ," calling all stations: you won't believe this, I just saw a BMW and a Porsche racing past about 190km/hour with a Nano behind them flashing its lights to overtake."

(Nano is the cheapest car)


"I made a terrible faux pas last night." a man confided to his friend.

"My wife and I were catching the train to the city to dine out. The ticket seller was a young lady with lovely breasts and instead of saying, 'Two tickets to the city please.' I said 'Two titties to the cicket please'. It was awfully embarrassing."

"Don't worry about it." his friend said. "I did a very similar thing last night".

"My wife and I were having dinner and instead of saying, 'Darling, could you please pass me the salt?' I said, 'You stupid bitch. You ruined my life.'"


A plane is having trouble mid-air and the captain says:

"I regret to inform you that due to excess weight we are going to have to let go of all the food"

Everyone complains, but down goes the food.

A minute later: "That was not enough, if we don't get rid of all the cargo, we'll all die"

There are people yelling, but the cargo goes down.

5 minutes pas by: "Well, that was no good, I am very sorry but we will have to let go of people, but just for you to see that we are **not** biased, we'll do this in alphabetical order, so the African-Americans, please"

Nobody moves.

"Ok, the Black people, please"


"Ok, the Coloreds, please move forward"

A black girl turns to her mom and says "Mom, I thought we were African-Americans"

"No, baby, today, we're niggers and we go *after the Mexicans*!"


I accidentally pointed out that my neighbor's cat had a prosthetic foot...

it was a big faux pas.


Did you here about the support group for dads who make dumb jokes around their families?

Yeah, it's "fo' pas".


Why was the veterinarian embarrassed after bandaging the dog's tail?

It was a bandage faux pas.


Bird puns are so out of style,

n'est-ce pas?


Why did Jenny never call for her mom?

Because Je ne sais pas


what do you call a mistake in a soup recipe?

a Pho pas


What do you call someone who tells dad jokes but doesn't have any kids?

A faux pas.

I'll show myself the door.


Dad Jokes

My friend and I make dad jokes when we get together, but neither of us are dads. We're just social faux pas.


Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

Fair enough, smartass.


You're not my real Pa...

You're just a faux pas!


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