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  1. What do you call spiderman after he lost his powers, but still jumps from building to building? Peter Parkour
    (-my brother)
  2. What would you call if spiderman starts jumping around buildings instead of swinging using his spider webs? Peter Parkour
  3. I'm going to make a game about free running horses And I'll call it "sarah jessica parkour".
  4. For the next Olympic Equestrian contest, they are renaming the Show Jumping event. They are calling it Sarah Jessica Parkour.
  5. I always thought parkour was great for kids... ...Keeps em off the streets.
  6. Why does spider man so great with his stunts? Because he is Peter Parkour
  7. Le Parkour The French art of running away.
  8. Why did the French invent Parkour? It's based around running away.
  10. Show Jumping Some people call it "Show Jumping"
    I like to call it *Sarah Jessica Parkour*

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  1. What do you call a horse who goes freerunning? Sarah Jessica Parkour
  2. Hitting on women is like doing Parkour.. I can't do Parkour.
  3. What would be a more appropriate name for spiderman? Peter parkour.
  4. I played an April Fool's joke on my parkour team this morning. They all fell for it.
  5. CNN: "Chess grandmaster, 20, dies in parkour balcony fall" Shoulda castled earlier.
  6. Who called it Peter Parker and not Peter Parkour.
  7. A guy was doing mediocre back-flips. It was sub-parkour
  8. My Parkour Instructor is Crazy He really drives me up the wall!
  9. Honey, does the baby do parkour? "No" she says. He replies "then he fell out the window".
  10. How does Spiderman work out? Peter Parkour
  11. What do you call someone who does parkour in Mexico? Adobe Acrobat
  12. How does Spiderman travel around the city so quickly? He uses Peter Parkour.
  13. What was Stalin's favorite hobby? ParkOUR
  14. Who is witty and runs over obstacles? Dorothy Parkour
  15. I've been practicing my parkour skills... I've come leaps and bounds.

Parkour joke, I've been practicing my parkour skills...

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Martial arts

The Israelis developed Krav Maga - the art of disabling an opponent as quickly as possible.
The Japanese developed Jujitsu - the art of defeating an armed and armored opponent.
The Brazilians developed Capoeira - the art of defeating an opponent using dance and acrobatics.
The French developed parkour - the art of running away as quickly and efficiently as possible.

My cousin decided to try parkour, so he jumped off a single floor hotel. Anyway, to make a long story short

would've helped. f**...'s Thursday.

A parkourist walks into a restaurant

He sees 5 jars.
"What are those?"
The waiter says "Some are suger, Summersalt"

Parkour joke, For the next Olympic Equestrian contest, they are renaming the  Show Jumping  event.