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It just occurred to me that we have to make all the jokes about Sarah Jessica Parker while she's still alive..

Because after she dies it'll be like beating a dead horse...

So a horse walks into a bar...

...and the bartender asks, "Hey buddy, why the long face?"

The horse looks up and responds, "I'm out of the job! Sarah Jessica Parker started doing her own stunts."

Sarah Jessica Parker walks into a bar

The bartender asked, "why the long face?"

Parker joke, Sarah Jessica Parker walks into a bar

someone tried to tell stan lee this joke during his panel at comic con this week end

what do you call spiderman when he quits the daily bugal and starts working as a valet?

peter PARKER.

What's the difference between spider man and superman?

peter parker can shoot webs. clark kent.

Why did Peter Parker get fired?

He spent all day on the web.

If you really think about it...

Peter Parker takes selfies for a living.

Parker joke, If you really think about it...

What do you call Peter Parker after he drinks fermented apple juice?

The Amazing CiderMan

How do you get Sarah Jessica Parker to say her lines on set?

Rub some peanut butter on her gums.

What is the French version of the name Parker?


How did Peter Parker know Mary Jane was cheating on him?

He spied her man.

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What does Peter Parker wish he would have went to school for?

Web design.

A horse walks into a bar. ..

A horse walks into a bar and sits down.

The bartender says, "Why the long face?"

Sarah Jessica Parker responds, "I'm a person you know? I have feelings!"

What's the difference between Peter Parker and Basic White Girls?

Parker gets paid for his selfies.

Which superhero runs their own valet service?

Peter Parker

What is Trey Parker and Matt Stone's favorite beer?

Kilkenny Ale.

Parker joke, What is Trey Parker and Matt Stone's favorite beer?

Sarah Jessica Parker was asked if she supported the company that manufactures the Epi-pen.

She replied: "Nay"

Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Robert Downey Jr. Walk up to the bar at the Governors Ball....

The bartender looks at Sarah Jessica Parker and says "Why the long face?"

A joke I remember.

Teacher: What is your name?

New student: Spider-man.

Teacher: No, I mean your real name.

New student: Oh, I'm sorry….it's Peter Parker.

A horse walks into a bar

The bartender asks, "why the long face?"

The horse starts crying. In between the sobs, he says "it's not my fault I look like Sarah Jessica Parker!"

Why is Spiderman gay?

He's a Peter Parker.

Peter Parker is bitten by radioactive skin care products and becomes...


A horse and Sarah Jessica Parker walk into a bar...

...before the bartender says anything, the horse tells him:
'don't bother, she's heard it all before.'

If Sarah Jessica Parker came out as transgender...

Her new name would be Mr. Ed

Peter Parker was at home alone one day, when suddenly aunt may walks in on him masturbating.

I guess she was the first person to see Spiderman home coming.

What would you call Spider Man if he was a valet?

Peter Parker

How tall is Sarah Jessica Parker?

15.3 hands.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the cancelation of the new Sex and the City movie

"Will there be a Sex and the City 3?"

"Nay." -Sarah Jessica Parker

Earlier today, my co-worker told me my voice sounded like Sarah Jessica Parker,

I hate it when my voice sounds horse.

Sarah Jessica Parker walks into a bar...

The bartender says, Thank God this joke is not as long as your nose!

Everyone talks about Peter Parker because he was lucky enough to get bitten by the cool kind of radioactive spider...

My buddy Dave got bit by a radioactive brown recluse, and he just turned into a shut in.

Tony Stark wasn't crying

There was just some Peter Parker in his eye.

If Sarah Jessica Parker Dies...

And people continue making jokes about her, are they beating a dead horse?

Lady Penelope returns to her mansion after a long weekend at Tracy Island

Upon seeing Parker in the main bedroom she commands him;

"Parker, take of my dress"

"Yes, M'lady" replies Parker

"Now Parker, take off my Bra"

"Yes M'lady"

"Now Parker take of my Panties"

"Yes M'lady"

"Now Parker if I ever catch you wearing my clothes again you're fired!"

The Nasa Parker Solar probe will be 4 million miles away from the sun

Due to the high temperatures it will have to operate at night.

How many superheroes can you fit in one car?


Two in the front

Two in the back

And Peter Parker in the ash tray

What was the true identity of the Greek Spider-Man?

Pita Parker

Who called it Peter Parker and not

Peter Parkour.

What does Matt Parker & Trey Parker, the makers of south park) favorite drink?

A Kilkenny.

Rumor has it that distraught Chicago Bear's field goal kicker Cody Parker tried to end his life recently.

The bullet went wide right.

I just heard that Budweiser is suing Stella Artois for casting Sarah Jessica Parker in their Super Bowl LIII ad.

Apparently they have a trademark on beer advertisements starring a horse.

What's the difference between a piece of wood and Peter Parker?

One's okay with being dusted.

What do you call your friendly neighborhood valet?

Peter Parker.

Did you know Spider Man can drive without using his hands?

That's why his name is Peter Parker.

What do you call Spiderman when he parks his car?

Peter Parker

Why does Spiderman hate driving with his evil twin?

Because he's a bad parallel Parker

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