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I Wasn't Too Keen On The Idea Of Gay Parenting Until

I met my wife, who was raised by two dads. That's when I came to my senses and realized.. NO MOTHER-IN-LAW!

My dad rewards me when I earn a good report card, but any C s are punished with unbearable dad-jokes.

He likes to call it the carrot and schtick method of parenting.

Biblical Parenting Techniques

Joseph: What should we do about Jesus acting up in school?

Mary: I don't know it's not like raising the Son of God came with Emmanuel

Parenting joke, Biblical Parenting Techniques

Parenting is stressful! Parenting is a sacrifice, it's exhausting, it's expensive and at times it feels thankless but….

Eventually you die! -Jim Gaffigan

I've started to take the SJW movement seriously and have applied it to my parenting style

It's why I'm ignoring all my 10-month olds privileged white male tears.

Neymar, the Brazilian football player, had his first parenting lesson with his new son this morning.

"Right," said the midwife, "what should you do if he starts crying and having a tantrum?"
"Show him a yellow card and tell him to get up off the f*****g floor," replied the baby....

Go ahead, criticize my overprotective parenting.

But no gorillas were shot on my watch.

Parenting joke, Go ahead, criticize my overprotective parenting.

I've squirted an entire bottle of No More Tears in my baby's face...

...and she's still crying. Parenting is hard

Someday, I will make a great dad....

I don't have any parenting experience, but I *can* tell terrible jokes.

Norwegian archeologists have uncovered the very first Viking parenting book.

The title, translated into modern language, is *It Takes a Pillage*.

Michael Jackson has the best parenting advice.

Just beat it.

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As parents we wish we could just disappear to some far away land. Then we remember no matter where we go some little hand will be tugging at us asking, what's for dinner?

Parenting is sometimes like being a criminal

For instance when I'm in the kitchen and yell "Stay back! I have a knife"

What is expected of you between friends but unwelcome in parenting?

Holler at your boy!

Parenting 101

1. Pour milk on floor.

2. Ask which kid did it.

3. Send them to their rooms when they don't admit it.

4. Enjoy peaceful evening.

You got problems with parenting...

You start to get headaches. I follow the instructions on the aspirin bottle:

"Take two and keep away from children."

Parenting joke, You got problems with parenting...


Said the Jamaican, when he saw the yellowy-green fruit.

Stevie Wonder's parenting is called into question

Apparently, he hasnt seen his children in years.

Giving a child alcohol is child abuse...

In Canada. In the U.S. it's fine. In Russia it's good parenting.

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