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What do you get when you drown the third wheel in a duck trio?

A sad paradox.

I told this joke I'm telling you right now to my friend yesterday...

He said "That creates a bit of a weird paradox, doesn't it?"

A man tries to get a job at Paradox Interactive.

In the job interview, the interviewer asks:
"Are you going to answer this question?"
"No", the man replies.
He got accepted.

Paradox joke, A man tries to get a job at Paradox Interactive.

What were the 2 doctors who worked with SchrΓΆdinger called?

A *paradox.*

I'm reading a book about Zeno's Paradox.

I'm not quite halfway through it.

I can explain a paradox

They sit right next to each other in the water

Swiss Cheese Paradox

Swiss cheese has lots of holes. The more holes you have,the less cheese you have. The more cheese you have,the more holes you have. Thus,the more cheese you have,the less cheese you have.

Paradox joke, Swiss Cheese Paradox

"Hi, I'm here for Paradox Club."

Actually this is Oxymoron Club.

"Ok, same difference."

*looks at group*

Oh, this guy is good.

What do you call a pizza that I don't like?

A paradox.

What is a paradox?

A small medical clinic.

What do you call 4 homosexual men having sex?

A paradox

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Two doctors walk into a bar...

but the bartender didn't know what to do with a paradox.

Paradox Corporation just opened.

They're doing everything they can to go out of business.

What paradox was discovered when Roy Rogers accidentally shot his dog while it was chasing rabbits?

A speeding Bullet is not faster than a speeding bullet.

What has four legs and quacks?

A paradox

Great Scot, Marty! You know what you'd get if I locked myself in a room with the old-me from 1955 and convinced my other self never to build a time machine?

A paradox, Marty!

Paradox joke, Great Scot, Marty! You know what you'd get if I locked myself in a room with the old-me from 1955 an

What do you get when you remove the center board from a wood bridge?

A paradox.

When you first learn about the Banach-Tarski Paradox it sounds cool...

...but, when you break it down, you'll realize you've actually seen it twice.

Procrastination Paradox...

If you come in last in a procrastination contest because you procrastinated, does that make you the best or worst at procrastinating...???

What's the paradox of 'lingerie'?

Done right, it doesn't linger.

How do you find out if the cat is dead or alive in the Schrodinger's cat paradox?

By thinking outside the box

I never misused the word ironic, ironic right?

it's a bit of a paradox. THINK!

What do you call a couple punctual doctors with good handwriting?

A paradox.

Why can't you reveal someone's private information online while flying?

Because that would be a para-dox.

You can't keep two ducks alone together

It's a paradox.

What do you call an orphan who suffers from horrific parental abuse?

A paradox.

What's better than a paradox?

A pair of nurses

Both of my doctors told me I have dark days ahead.

Quite the paradox.

Every time I buy something for myself, my girlfriend always ends up taking it.

I call it the For Me paradox.

What do you call two doctors?


What is the best paradox?

A Stormtrooper shooting at a red shirt. One can't hit anything, and the other won't dodge.

Why can't you have two places to park your boat?

Because that's a paradox!

What do you call a group of introverts?

A Paradox.

A time traveling surgeon walks into a bar with the younger version of himself.

The bartender say's, what can I get for you paradox?

I'm paradoxical and contradictory,

I hate redundancy and repetition.

Son: "Dad whats a paradox?"

Dad: "When there's two doctors in a room."

I like everything

Except paradoxes

Where do you moor two boats that contradict each other?

A paradox

I saw 2 birds travel back in time.

It was a paradox.

What do you call two doctors

What do you call two paralyzed doctors with good *standing* in the scientific community.

A paradox.

How many physicians do you need to interrupt the space time continuum?

It takes a paradox.

South Asian Paradox

Daughter: Mom, why don't you let me talk with boys?

Mother: You'll get it when you'll become a mother.

Daughter: How will I become a mother if you don't let me talk with boys?

Why can't one doctor spontaneously become two doctors?

Because that would be a paradox.

this is a paradox

that is not paradox

Why can't two doctors be in the same room?

Because it would create a paradox

Paradox of a ghost town.

A ghost town wouldn't be called a ghost town if ghosts actually lived there.

Why is it so hard to get two doctors to work together?

It's a paradox!

(Its a phonetic joke ;)

Today I learned about the Astley paradox!

If you ask Rick Astley for his copy of the movie UP, he cannot give it to you as he will never give you up.

However, in doing so, he lets you down.

Thus creating the Astley Paradox.

If you were to ask Rick Astley for his copy of the movie UP he would never give it to you.

In doing so, he would let you down.

Thus creating the rickroll paradox.

What is an example of a Facebook paradox?

Discovering one of their user's is trying to build a bomb and having to decide between reporting him to the FBI or serving him ads for digital timers

What do you call two harbors?


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