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Top 10 of the Funniest Panthers Jokes and Puns

I bet you $20 I can tell you the score of the big game tonight before it even starts.

Broncos: 0 Panthers: 0

What do Caitlin Jenner and the Carolina Panthers have in common?

Manning was just a bit too much for them.

There are now 3 undefeated cat teams in the NFL!

The Panthers, the Bengals and the Cheetahs.

What do the Florida Panthers and the RMS Titanic have in common?

They're both stuck at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The NHL's Florida Panthers have apologized to their fans for using Kevin Spacey in a marketing campaign

it's probably for the best. He's a better fit with the Nashville Predators

I don't get why people are upset with BeyoncΓ© supporting the black panthers during the Super Bowl...

The losing team was already FULL of black panthers

What's the difference between panthers and cougars?

You find panthers in movies and cartoons and cougars in clubs.

My friend and I placed a bet for the Super Bowl.

We would both pick a team, whoever picks the team that loses has to act mentally disabled for the rest of their life.

I chose the Panthers.

A lot of kids in Africa are about to be swallowed by panthers


Its only the three cats that are still undefeated in the NFL regular season

The Bengals, The Panthers, and The Cheetahs!

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