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I hate large windows

They're a huge pane to clean.

Why did the broken window not go to the doctor?

He had no more pane

Just got the new Windows...

... such a pane

What do you get when you throw a window through a window?

A pane in the glass.

jokes about pane

I submitted a glass pane in for a competition.

I'm hoping I can window.

What do windows feel when they get hurt?


Did you hear about the guy that ran into a window?

He was in a lot of pane.

Pane joke, Did you hear about the guy that ran into a window?

Swallowing glass is a real pane in the neck.

What did the window say when it was cracked?

Well this is a pane in my glass.

I walked into my glass door today

Oh the pane...

Why did everyone hate the window?

He was a pane in the glass!


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I was scraping a window at my Grandma's house....

I then thought up a joke for my mom to hear it was "This window scraping stuff is a pane in the glass!"
She laughed :)

What happened to the boy who ran into a window

He was in serious PANE

Ever hear that story of the guy who scaled a building with only suction cups?

Well he certainly was a **pane** to catch!

What did one window say to the other window?

I'm in pane

Q: How do you cure a headache?

A: Put your head through a window and the pane will just disappear!

Pane joke, Q: How do you cure a headache?

When people use the wrong homonyms it irritates me

I know the pane, I've been their before.

I hit my head really hard on a glass window yesterday

It hurt me pretty bad, Maybe that's why they call it window pane

I just had a window fall into my incinerator

It was a pane in the ash to retrieve

If a man crashes through a window and severely injures himself...

...Would you say that he's in *pane*?

What did the window washer say to the window?

I feel your pane

What did the window say when it was broken?

"Oh what pane!!"

Why does a window hurt more than a table?

The window is double pane

What did the emo window say?

Life is pane.

The window broke on my head...

...I felt the pane

An infallible way of curing a headache...

Put your head through a window and the pane will disappear.

Pane joke, An infallible way of curing a headache...

A man has his hand stuck in a window...

He says "The pane is real!"

I smashed a sheet of glass on the floor and I can't find the last piece....

It's a bit of a pane.

Windows feel pane too.

Window lives matter!

What happens when a glassblower touches the glass while it's still hot?

They feel pane.

Why are windows the saddest part of a house?

Because they are always surrounded by pane

What did one window maker say to the other who was having a tough day?

No pane no gain!

I'm a Panetheist

And if you don't respect my beliefs you're gluten intolerant

What did the window say when it got hit by a baseball?

I'm in pane!

It took over a month to install our floor-to-ceiling windows.

It was a big pane.

Don't swallow your baguettes.

It could be a pane in the ass.

I accidentally sat on some broken glass

It was a real pane in the ass

I just fell through a glass window

It was a real pane

Did you hear about the man who installed a window in his butt?

It was a pane in the ass.

Why doesn't Jesus like having the image of his crucifixion on church windows?

He's in too much *pane*.

The other day i stepped on a lego window

I guess you could say i was in a lot of, pane

I thought breaking glass would be easy.

Turns out, it's a real pane.

Go touch the window and see if it hurts

Feel the pane?

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