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What are some Pallbearer jokes?

The pallbearers accidentally bumped Susan's casket on the wall...

... and they hear a cough. They open the casket and sure enough Susan is alive, apparently having been in a coma which she is coming out of.

She recovers in the hospital and lives another 3 years before she finally passes. At her (second) funeral the eulogies finish and the pallbearers begin to raise the casket. Susan's husband rises and shouts: Be careful not to hit the wall this time, you dimwits!!

Why do pallbearers hit the gym often?

They need to be good at deadlifts!

Why are there only 2 pallbearers at a Westboro Baptist's Funeral?

There's only two handles on a garbage can.

My aunt freaked out when I dropped my baby cousin...

She should never have asked me to be a pallbearer.

What do you call a pallbearer from Oklahoma?

A Karaoke

When I die...

I just want 2016 to be my pallbearer, so it can let me down one last time.

why are there only two pallbearers in a polish funeral?

because there's only two handles on a trash can

I skipped working out today so I could be a pallbearer..

at least I got my deadlifts in today.

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