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Funniest Page Short Jokes

Short page jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The page humour may include short chapter jokes also.

  1. I'm assuming that none of the Jenners ask Kylie to make breakfast. Since she can't even beat an egg
  2. Word is Hollywood executives are mad about Elliot Page transitioning from a woman to a man... Now they'll have to pay him 20% more...
  3. The other day my friend was telling me i didnt know what irony meant Which was ironic since we were at a bus stop
  4. I just bought a thesaurus and when I got it home, all the pages were blank. I have no words to describe how angry I am.
  5. Just found the absolute worst page in the dictionary What I saw was disgraceful, disgusting, dishonest and disingenuous.
  6. I'm pleased to announce Reddit has achieved its goal in becoming one of the top 10 green companies in the world! The front page is now made up of over 90% recycled content
  7. George R R Martin, dead after reaching peak popularity Just like one of his characters.
    (If this trash of a post hit the front page, the title could really mess with some GoT fans, I'm just saying)
  8. I received a thesaurus in the mail today, but when I opened it all the pages were blank. I have no words to describe how angry I am.
  9. What's the biggest difference between Google and Pornhub? I'm willing to go to the 2nd page of search results on Pornhub.
  10. My girlfriend said period jokes aren't funny... So I ended up throwing away 3 pages of jokes i had written about the Victorian era.

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Page One Liners

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  1. Prison may be just one word But to others, it's a whole sentence
  2. I just read through six pages in a dictionary. I learned next to nothing.
  3. I made a website for orphans. Unfortunately it doesn't have a home page.
  4. I just memorized six pages of the dictionary... I learned next to nothing.
  5. I have designed a website for orphans there isn't a home page
  6. I just finished designing a website for an orphanage There isn't a home page
  7. I was so bored that I memorized six pages of a dictionary. I learned next to nothing.
  8. If you Google "lost mediaeval servant boy" You get "This page cannot be found".
  9. I Googled "Missing Medieval Servant" It came back: "Page Not Found"
  10. Your mama is so fat….. On one edge of her passport photo, it says continued on next page.
  11. What's the safest place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Google search.
  12. I made a website for orphans It doesn't have a home page
  13. How can you tell that a website was made by an orphan? It doesn't have a home page.
  14. What do you call an internet page dedicated to anime? A weebsite.
  15. I made a website for an Orphanage... It didn't have a home page

Front Page Jokes

Here is a list of funny front page jokes and even better front page puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Redditors are very environmentally aware More than half the content on the front page is recycled
  • Reddit has gone fully green to help the environment. Their front page is made of 100% recycled material.
  • I remember when my mother would tuck me in She really wanted a daughter
    (taken from a front page meme)
  • Did you know there's an Alzhimers epidemic? I noticed it when I saw how many reposts make it to the front page.
  • After a long day's work, I came home and saw my kid ripping off the front and back pages of my dictionary. Things just went from Bad to Worse.
  • I've submitted ten puns today trying to make the front page no pun in ten did...
  • "I wish..." "I wish I was rich.", I said while throwing a coin into a wishing well.
    Reading the newspaper the next day, the front page headline was:
    "Rare coin worth millions found in well"
  • 8621. If this makes it to the front page, odds are it's someone's ATM PIN. was mine.
  • How to get on the front page Not like this.
  • What did the Muslim guy say when his joke made the front page?

Facebook Page Jokes

Here is a list of funny facebook page jokes and even better facebook page puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Facebook So I was in a public library and saw a homeless man I had seen around town on facebook.
    It got pretty depressing because the page wouldn't load every time he tried to click 'home'...
  • How did realism get me banned from Facebook? I sided with cancer on the "Kids VS Cancer" page.
  • Why is it so hard to play cards in the jungle? There are too many cheetahs.
    Courtesy of the St. Louis Zoo Facebook page.
  • What spoils quicker than unrefridgerated meat? The Walking Dead's facebook page.
  • just saw on facebook a page called "the walk to end alzheimers" Its a walk to remember
  • What sound does a space turkey make? Hubble, hubble, hubble
    [shamelessly stolen joke from the Facebook page of "Grammarly"]
  • Only a fraction of you will understand That there is a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.
    Took from a facebook page
  • Did you hear about Facebook shutting down pro-communism pages? They're trying to cease the memes of production.
  • Chuck Norris has a Roundhouse Kick button on his Facebook page, and when he deletes a friend they actually die.
  • Awesome New Facebook Page For Young People
Page joke, Awesome New Facebook Page For Young People

Web Page Jokes

Here is a list of funny web page jokes and even better web page puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • There's an emo in my Web Development class, she's doing a website about jewellery Her first page was /Wrists
  • Where's Spiderman's home page? On the world wide web
  • I've just visited Canada's national web page, and it was down for maintenance. It was a sorry sight.
  • What web page do orphans visit the most? 404
  • Why do ads always stick to your Web pages? Because they're ad-hesive.

Wikipedia Page Jokes

Here is a list of funny wikipedia page jokes and even better wikipedia page puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Got an email from an airline inviting me to"Discover America". I've replied with a link to the Wikipedia page about Christopher Columbus.
  • I check the Wikipedia page for insanity every day Because one of these days it's going to get vandalized.
  • Did you know that you can get to h**...'s Wikipedia page from any other Wiki page? 1. Click the search bar and type "h**..."
    2. Click enter
    3. Click the first Wikipedia URL
Page joke, Did you know that you can get to h**...'s Wikipedia page from any other Wiki page?

Howlingly Hilarious Page Jokes for an Unforgettable Evening

What funny jokes about page you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean paper jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make page pranks.

A panda walks into a cáfe.

He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and unloads it into the ceiling.
Why? Asks the confused waiter, as the panda starts leaving. He tosses a wildlife manual over his shoulder.
I'm a panda, he says at the door, look it up.
The waiter flips to the page about pandas, and it says, Panda. Large black and white bear-like animal native to China. Eats, Shoots, and leaves
Credits: Eats, Shoots, and Leaves

I got fired from the s**... bank yesterday

Apparently you're not allowed to nudge the nearest co-worker and say, "get a load of this guy" every time someone walks in.

"Having too much s**... can result in memory loss."

I read that on page 37, paragraph five of the New England Medical Journal on September 15th, 2014 at 10:37 am.

Me and my dad read a book to understand each other better.

but we were never on the same page

Having too much s**... can cause memory loss

I read it on page 37 in a medical journal in November 2006 at 4:19pm

So a Higgs Boson particle goes into a catholic church

And it gets stopped at the door by the bishop.
The bishop says, "Sir, I can't allow you in here."
"What? Why?" the particle responds.
"You call yourself the 'God particle.' That's blasphemy against our Lord."
"Oh, well, I guess that makes sense. Before I go, though, can I ask you a question?"
"Yeah sure," the bishop responds. "Might as well."
"So," the Higgs Boson begins, "if you don't allow me in here, how do you have mass?"

Amish h**...

What's an Amish h**... do?
Ten Mennonite!
(Mennonite link on the front page made me think of this one.)

So I was about to roll a joint with a page from the Qur'an...

But I decided that I didn't really feel like getting s**....

Where do Grammar n**... get put on trial?

^^^^^^I'm ^^^^^^sorry...

Why did the introduction and the conclusion break up?

They were just never on the same page...

Where is the best place to hide a dead body?

On the second page of a Google result.

A boy goes up to a girl and says "hey baby what's up"...

She says "I have a boyfriend", he says "I have a math test".
The girl says "What's that got to do with anything?", he replies "I thought we were just naming things we are going to cheat on."

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results

or page 1 of Bing.

A mexican magician told the audience he'll disappear on the count of three. He said "Uno, dos" *p**...*

He disappeared without a tres.

What is the most sensitive part of a mans anatomy while he's m**...?

His ears.
Oooo! I get to say it! "Front page?! Wow! Thanks y'all!" Oh yea, and "RIP my inbox"
Good times!

I went to a job interview at EA

The interviewer, after reading my CV, said:
"I see that this CV was clearly printed on two pages, but I only have one. Where's the other one?"
"Page two is 19.99$"

Some of the jokes on this page are so dark

I'm surprised they haven't been shot yet

Welcome to the Alzheimer's information support page...

...please enter your 17 digit password.

I have submitted 10 jokes now trying to reach the front page...

no pun in ten did.

Best place to hide something nobody will see?

Page two of Google

Tried Googling "Missing Medieval Servant"

but I kept getting Page Not Found

Do you know about the Chinese author who wrote a million page book?

It was Wei Tu Long.

Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

At the bottom of the page

My Dad got me a thesaurus for Christmas last year

But when I opened it every single page was blank.
I didn't have the words to describe how angry I was.

Have you noticed if you Google the term "lost medieval servant boy"

It says "page not found"

I tried to start a religious social media page called Faithbook...

...but it was deemed offensive by the American Lisp Association.

North Korean launches keep getting better and better

Heck, they even made it to the front page today!

My girlfriend and I share a bookmark.

It's good that we're both on the same page.

I set up a Facebook page for Chinese n**...

It has 3 reichs

My date asked if I prefer cats or dogs.

I replied, "I don't even see them on the menu. What page are you on?"

So I set up an internet page for Chinese n**......

So far it's gotten three Reichs on Facebook

I just opened up a Facebook page for Chinese n**...

It has three Reichs so far

I watched the video of my wedding backwards.

I almost cried when I took the ring back, gave her back to her father, moonwalked out of the church, and went away, free.
Wow: I made it to front page! Thanks guys!

I was so desperate to fix a problem...

That I looked on the second page of Google to find the answer.


Page loading...

A lady comes to a writer house

- Hey, how's your book writing going?
- Really well, I'm up to page 69.
- Wow, what're you writing?
- Page numbers

I started a Chinese-n**... Facebook page

so far its got three reichs

Prof to the student: Did you study geography?

Student: Yes sir.
Prof: so, tell me, where is Kentucky?
Student: At page 35 prof.

I wanted to improve my cooking skills, so I finally decided to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook

I'm on page 122, but no matter how much butter I use, it still just tastes like paper.


If this 'A' gets to the front page, I'll delete this text and it'll make people go crazy wondering how an A got to the front page.
Post mysterious comments like So true! And don't talk about how it's an inside joke.

I read this whole sub twice...

Without even needing to reload the page.

My s**... friend rolled a joint using a page from my agenda notebook.

He is high on my list of priorities.

Have you noticed that if you google the phrase "lost medieval servant boy"

It comes back with "this page cannot be found"

Have you noticed that if you google the phrase "lost medieval servant boy"

The search returns "Page not found".

When my daughter said she wanted a place in the sun...

I didn't realise she meant page 3.

I made a page for Chinese n**...

It's got 3 Reichs on Facebook already

When I have a headache, I take an Advil and follow the instructions on the bottle:


(based on Kauffman, G. and Blakeley M. eds. 1980. Pulling Our Own Strings. Page 51)

What's made up of 100% recyclable material?

Front page of Reddit

Did you know too much s**... can cause memory loss

I read that in a medical journal on page 34 at 3:23 pm last year on Wednesday November the 7th.

Yesterday i finally found love!!

It was on page 469 in the dictionary!

In spite of all our differences here on Reddit, I'm glad about one thing.

Everyone reading this.... is on the same page.

All the comic books I got from my older brother had the last page missing.

I had to draw my own conclusions.

Did you guys know too much s**... can cause memory loss?

I learnt that in a medical journal, page 34. At 3:38pm on Thursday the 7th.

I asked my Google assistant to tell me what was the name of the number with 100 zeros

I've already tried 5 times, and it keeps refreshing to the main page. Geez, thanks a lot.

Page joke, I asked my Google assistant to tell me what was the name of the number with 100 zeros

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