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The Best Pads Puns

Why cant a woman be the goalie for hockey?

3 periods 2 pads.

Girls hate it when you give them gifts implying that you will somehow benefit from them as well.

Take knee pads for example.

Why do girls suck at playing hockey as goalie?

Because there are 3 periods and only 2 pads

Why do hockey players wear so many pads?

Because they have 3 periods every game!

Why can't girls play hockey?

Their pads can't last three periods

Women make terrible hockey goalies...

Their pads only last one period.

Are knee pads...

... the perfect gift, for givers?

What does a Polish woman and a hockey team have in common?

They both change their pads after three periods.

The last time I played tackle football without pads l broke three ribs and a collar bone.

Fortunately, none of them were mine.

Polish women are like goalies.

They both change their pads every 3 periods.

How can you tell who's the head nurse at a hospital?

It's the one who has knee pads on.

What do a Feminist and a Hockey Player have in common?

They both change their pads after three periods.

TIL Magic Eraser cleaning pads were invented in Germany in 1942.

They called them "White Power" though.

What do a homeless woman and an American football player have in common?

They both take their pads off after four periods

You've been buying too many brake pads recently and it's a problem.

"No it isn't! I can stop whenever I want!"

You ladies who only use tampons should really give pads a try. I'll even send you a sample for free.

No strings attached

Every time a try to talk to the football team after practice Les tries to steal my Knee pads..

Knee'd Les to say, tomorrow WILL be different

Your American drug stores sure are different from Soviet Thailand.

In American drug store, you walk down an aisle and you see pads. In Soviet Thailand, pad see ew.

I tried wrapping Maxi Pads around my headphones

But the sound keeps on bleeding through.

Why do sanitary pads have wings?

Because rotors would be very uncomfortable

Why does the guy on pads always beat the boxer he's training?

Paper beats Rock.

How are hockey goalies and some women alike?

They only change their pads once after every three periods

Now that gay marriage is legal do you think they'll pads any bilaws?

... I'll see myself out.

My buddy's cricket joke

What do women and cricket have in common?

When the pads come out it's time to bat

What's the quickest path to becoming a general?

Working hard, and having a good pair of knee pads.

Tampon or pads?


Why are women so bad at being hockey goalies?

Because there are 3 periods and only 2 pads.

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