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  1. Before my operation, the anaesthesiologists asked if I wanted to be knocked out via gas or boat paddle. It was an ether/oar situation.
  2. Before the surgery, the anesthesiologist offered to knock me out with gas or a boat paddle... It was an ether/oar situation.
  3. Before my surgery the anesthetist offered to knock me out.... Before my surgery the anesthetist offered to knock me out with gas or a boat paddle.
    It was an ether/oar situation.
  4. A man trips over a boat paddle on the pier and breaks his arm. The paddle says to him... "Don't worry, I'm a docked oar!"
  5. I don't understand white-black racism, I mean... we are on the same boat, but somebody has the whip and others the paddles.

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  1. When rowing a boat, do you use the left paddle or the right paddle? Either oar.
  2. My dentist can knock you out with gas or his boat paddle. It's a matter of ether oar
  3. What do you call a machine that automatically paddles your boat? A row bot.

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Two Irishmen lose their oars

Two Irishmen lose their oars after paddling far out into the ocean. They were lost and had no idea what to do. One of them finds a bottle floating and picks it out of the water only to find a genie pop out. The genie tell them that he will grant them only 1 wish. Without hesitation, one of them shouts I want the ocean water to turn to Guinness!
The genie grants his wish and disappears. The other Irishman was furious with his partners quick decision. He looks at him and screams you m**...! Your haste decision has s**... us! Now we have to p**... in the boat!

A guy goes fishing with Jesus in a small boat.

In the excitement of bringing in a fish one of the paddles gets dislodged and starts to float away. No problem I'll go get it says Jesus, and he just steps out and walks over to where it is and picks it up casually walking back to the boat.
Later his friends are asking him about their time on the water curious about his day with Jesus.
Well it's the craziest thing he says, I don't think he can swim!!!

A m**... in South America

A m**... in South America teaches native indigenous tribesman to English language. They paddling on a boat on the Amazon River and the m**... teaches him: "This is a river. This is a forest. These are the trees. There are leaves on them. "
Down by the river they saw a couple making love. m**... blushes and tells to a guy in the boat: They are riding a bicycle.
Native takes bow and an arrow from boat and takes a shoot at guy who makes love to an woman.
m**... is horrified: What are you doing?!?
Native responds: He rides my bicycle.

Giving blondes a bad name

A blonde woman is driving her car on an empty road past a field of corn one day, and spots a strange sight. In the middle of the field, a blonde girl is sitting in a rowboat, attempting to paddle to the road.
Furious, the woman stops her car and gets out. She shouts to the girl, "What are you doing out there? You look ridiculous! I'm tired of people giving blondes a bad name and making us look s**...!"
The girl replies, "I'm just trying to get back to the edge, can't you help me out?"
To this the woman says, "I would help, but I don't have a boat!"