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What did the Atlantic Ocean say to the Indian Ocean?

You need to be more Pacific.

*cymbal clash*

May I have a piece of gum?

Two gay guys are in a large passenger plane flying across the Pacific. In the middle of the flight, one turns and tells his partner: "Let's have sex. Right here and now." His partner says: "Are you crazy? In front of all these people?" The first gay guy says: "Don't worry. They're all asleep. Here, see for yourself." He leans out into the aisle and yells: "Excuse me, can anybody let me have a piece of gum?" There's no answer or any kind of interest. His partner is convinced and they have sex right then and there.

The plane lands and as the passengers are disembarking there is a stewardess by the exit asking everyone if they had a good flight. One man says, "The flight was fine but I have a horrible headache". The stewardess says: "Oh you poor thing, why didn't you ask for some aspirin?" And the man says: "Are you kidding? I saw what happened to that poor guy who asked for a piece of gum."

Where did the Japanese watch their movies in WWII

The Pacific Theatre

Pacific joke, Where did the Japanese watch their movies in WWII

Somewhere off Gilligan's Island...

On a Christmas cruise on a luxury ocean liner in the Pacific,
a passenger sees seven straggly people on a small island
jumping up and down and waving their hands and shouting.

"Who are they?" the passenger asks the captain.

"I've no idea. But each year when we pass, they go nuts."

What did the Atlantic say to the Pacific?

Nothing. It just waved.

The first warm-blooded fish was found in the Pacific Ocean...

but we weren't told pacifically where.

TIL the first commodity traded across the USA was jaweia.

Lewis and Clark brought a sack of it with them on their expedition to the Pacific coast.

Pacific joke, TIL the first commodity traded across the USA was jaweia.

What do you call it when two transgender people go on a couples cruise around Hawaii?

A trans pacific partner ship.

North America blames Pacific for his extreme build up of stress. Pacific replies "It's not my fault"

It's San Andreas fault.

Where do only the finest South Pacific neckbeards hail from?


Have you heard the news about the super-typhoon in the Pacific?

It's taking Japan by storm.

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What's it called when a transgender person hooks up with an Asian?

A Trans Pacific Partnership

Yo Mamma's so Fat...

That when she jumped in the pacific, Japan said "not again".

What did Chandler Bing say when he reached Point Nemo?

Can you *be* any more Pacific?

Did you hear about the shepherd that retired to the Pacific Northwest?

He was sheepless in Seattle.

Which ocean?

Could you be more Pacific?

Pacific joke, Which ocean?

Linkin Park fought among themselves in choosing which ocean to take a cruise on.

The Pacific ocean was favored by Chester. The Atlantic was desired by Mike. The Arctic was appealing to Rob and Brad because it is an ocean they've never been to before. The Antarctic was chosen by Dave and Joe because they've heard tales of great sea creatures to see in that area. With great argument, they decided against them all.
Indian, it didn't even matter.

I wanted to be an engineer for Canadian pacific railways...

But they said they couldn't train me.

A blonde calls a 24/7 support call center

The blonde asks what hours they are open for. The technical support person says we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The blonde stops for a moment a thinks. After a while she asks is that Eastern or Pacific time?

How do you know you're from the Pacific Northwest?

When you're Washingtons of ash off your car in the morning

What do you call a dog from the Pacific Islands?

A PAW-lynesian πŸ˜‚ me please.

My friend didn't understand my ocean puns

I guess I should have been more pacific.

I'll sea myself out.

What's Long and Hard and full of seamen?

The Pacific theatre of WW2!

"What is the largest body of water in the world?" Quiz contestant: "The ocean?"

Asker: "I'm sorry, you're going to have to be more Pacific."

Best pizza joint in all of the Pacific Islands?

Papua Murphy's

The giant ape like ,black, hairy, giant footed creature roaming the forests of the Pacific Northwest. To you, it's the Sasquatch! To me it's ...........

What did the Pacific ocean say to the Atlantic ocean?

Wanna meet up for some Indian?

What Is The Pacific Treefrog's Favorite Cut Of Steak?


What's big and blue and if it fell out of a tree would kill you?

The Pacific Ocean.

I live near an oceanβ€”not the Atlantic.

Can you be more Pacific?

If pirates from the Pacific North West say "Shiver me timbers!", what do pirates from Iowa say?

"Shiver me kernels!"

What do you call an assault by a Pacific Islander?

Hawaiian Punch

Dolphins give the worst directions

I always have to ask them to be more Pacific

Why did the pacific islander go back to mcDonalds?

To get Samoa chips.


Two tanker ships collided and sank in the southern Pacific Ocean yesterday. One was filled with red paint and the other, smaller tanker, was filled with blue paint. All crew members survived but now are marooned on an uninhabited island.

'Squatches are pretty common in the Pacific Northwest

They're just _always_ doing the most horrifyingly embarrassing things, and everyone would rather discuss/film anything else.

-- A tsunami warning has just been issued for the entire coast of California --

In other news:

Your mom recently did a cannon ball into the Pacific Ocean.

Did you hear about the drug kingpin in Hawaii they call the El Chapo of the south Pacific?

He's the leader of the Sin-aloha cartel.

How big is the specific ocean?

Sorry, could you be a little more pacific.

What's the most apathetic island in the pacific?

I don't care Atoll

The Washington Redskins announced their new name!

The Pacific Northwest Redskins

A ship discovers a lost island in the South Pacific

To their surprise, the ship's company find the remains of a shipwreck there, a couple of decades old, and a single survivor, a Welsh mariner who has busied himself building an exact replica of a Welsh village, complete with a town hall, a pub, a rugby pitch, and two chapels.

"...Two chapels?" asks the ship's captain, and the castaway's face darkens as he nods in the direction of one of the chapels: "That's the one I don't go to."

People in glass houses...

A pacific island tribal king was infamous for conquering surrounding islands and stealing the defeated king's throne, and then stowing it, like a trophy, in the attic of his grass hut.

One day when sitting on his throne in said grass hut, the ceiling collapses under the weight of his trophies and the king is killed.

Which goes to prove that people in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.

I visited a cannibal restaurant during my time in the South Pacific.

On the menu I saw there was missionary soup for $5. Below it was politician soup for $1000.

So I asked the waiter, "why's the politician soup so expensive?"

And he said to me "you ever tried to clean one of the bastards?"

The Kardashians go for a swim in the pacific ocean

The percentage of plastic in the ocean increases by 400%.

A man and his friend were talking about their New Year's Resolutions.

Friend: I heard you set some really tough resolutions, have you completed them?

Man: Well of course! I've swam across the Pacific Ocean in only speedos.

Friend: Neat.

Man: Scaled Mount Everest naked!

Friend, a bit skeptical: Really?

Man: Well, there is one I still haven't completed.

Friend: And that is?

Man: Break my habit of lying......

Chuck Norris injected his blood into a monkey, a fish, and a lizard.

These are now known as King Kong, Jaws, and Godzilla.

What every athlete says after winning: "First of all, I'd like to thank Chuck Norris for not competing."

Chuck can eat Chinese food with one chopstick.

Chuck threw a few rocks into the Pacific Ocean. These are now known as Hawaii.

Chuck can light ants on fire with a magnifying night.

When Chuck is in Rome, they do what HE does.

Chuck Norris crossed the road. No one questions why.

What do mumble rappers from the East coast rap about?

I don't know...Their verses aren't Pacific.

Help! I'm lost at sea. I'm somewhere between America and Japan

I can't be anymore pacific

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