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Top 10 Funniest Ownership Jokes and Puns

Since Facebook claims ownership of everything you post on their website

I think I should start uploading my bills.

A father and his son were standing the the farm, looking out into the fields

"One day, this will all be yours" the father said.

Next day the father died of natural causes and the ownership of the farm was transfered to the son.
24 hours later the bank came and took over, due to the fathers very high debt.

"I guess my father wasn't lying when he said this would all be mine for one day" the son then thought.

What are the chances of familiarising myself with a semiaquatic amphibian to the point of ownership?

My newt.

I know a sure way to stop the murder hornets

Just have Michael Jordan take over ownership.

Cat ownership is like the economy

50% of cats are owned by the top 1% of cat lovers

I never really met my neighbors until they tried to sue me over the ownership of some property.

Turns out we had a lot in common.

Your friend might secretly be a member of ISIS if...

You drop a horrendous fart and he claims ownership of it.

Ownership joke, Your friend might secretly be a member of ISIS if...

A corrupt politician manages to sneak a number of loopholes in to a new law that gave him ownership of several hotels in Seville and Valencia

Nobody inspects the Spanish inn decision

As interesting as the story of King Solomon and the baby was, nobody ever remembers the time a couple appeared before him disputing the ownership of an egg tart.

He awarded them shared custardy.

Why do vampires like single proprietorship model of ownership?

Coz, they are afraid of stake-holders!

I just purchased the rights for ownership of Christmas. I think I'll rent it out though.

For Lease, Navidad.

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A man is pushing his car along, and when he comes to a hotel he call, I'm bankrupt! Why?

He's playing ownership.

[Fun Fact] A man called Gregory Nemitz claimed ownership of an asteroid before NASA landed on it...

He then proceeded to issue NASA a US $20 parking ticket for parking on the Asteroid.

New Stephen King book!

I hear that Stephen King is writing a new book dealing with the horrors of cat ownership.

It's called Pffffffffft!

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