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  1. My wife said she'll leave me if I don't overcome my poker addiction but I think she's bluffing
  2. Overcome with the beauty of the Earth from space, the astronaut removed his helmet The view was breathtaking
  3. Elon Musk and bill gates have decided to partner in a joint venture to invent a medication to overcome erectile dysfunction. They have decided to name the new drug 'Elongates'.
  4. A mother Chameleon was so overcome with joy when her eggs hatched that her camouflage dropped. Looking down excitedly, she exclaimed, "I've become apparent!"
  5. A pencil stands face to face against his nemesis, Paper. Will our hero find the strength he needs to overcome his greatest foe?! 2B continued...
  6. Last week I told a therapist that I was trying to overcome my fear of ghosts. His answer left me scared since then.
    "That's the spirit."
  7. I just saw a book on Amazon called "Overcome Procrastination" I've put it on my wish list.
  8. Why Did You Become A Bus Driver? Why did you become a bus driver?
    To overcome my biggest fear.
    Dying alone.
  9. I'm writing a book to help surgeons to use Eastern meditation to overcome anxiety in the operating theatre... I'm going to call it *The Calmer Suture.*
  10. So I'm trying to open a chain of outdoor, overnight facilities to help children overcome symptoms of ADHD. Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting the bank to approve a loan for concentration camps.

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  1. What's the best way to overcome depression? Love it, so it leaves you as well.
  2. My son said that he's proud of me overcoming alcoholism. I'll drink to that.
  3. So why did you wanna be a pilot? To overcome the fear of dying alone.
  4. i'm writing a book on overcoming foot pain it's called the agony of defeat
  5. I became a commercial pilot to overcome my greatest fear. Dying alone.
  6. How do you overcome tyrannical pancakes? U syrup 'em
  7. What is the most challenging obstacle to overcome in a marathon? 3rst
  8. You may have overcome racism... but to your iPhone X all chinese still look the same...
  9. To all of you that have overcome Fatboy Slim addiction.... I have to praise you
  10. I used to be afraid that I masterbated too much... But then I learned to overcome it
  11. I have overcome hunger. The last time I ate was last year, and I'm still not hungry.
  12. When you want to make a meme but you dont have a picture Improvise. Adapt. Overcome
  13. I work at an oppressed s**... bank But through all odds, we will overcome.

Overcome joke, I work at an oppressed s**... bank

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Tom had been a compulsive worrier for years...

...until he found a way to overcome this problem.
His friends noticed the dramatic change.
"You don't seem to be worried about anything anymore."
"I hired a professional worrier for $1000.00 a week, Tom replied.
'I haven't had a single problem since."
"A thousand a week," said Doug. "You can't afford that, how are you going to pay him?"
"Tom replied, "That's his problem."

The guys go to the f**... of their life-long pal...

After a long eulogy and some beautiful music, the guys are overcome with emotion. The first guy walks up to the casket of his buddy.
"I know it's just a small token, but for everything you've ever done for me, buddy, all the times you helped me out. This is the least I could do."
He tucks a $50 bill into his buddy's tuxedo pocket, and he staggers away sobbing.
The second man, inspired by the gesture, walks up and places his own $50 bill in his buddy's pocket. "For all the beers you bought me, that I never had a chance to pay you back for." And he staggers away sobbing.
The third man, a lawyer, not to be out-done, says, "I know it's just a small gesture, but for all the times you've been there for me when I needed you, here's a token of my gratitude."
And he writes a check for $150, and takes the two fifties in change.

So this r**... in New York is getting mugged...

and he fights like a wildcat, but eventually the three toughs overcome him. Two hold him down while the third grabs his wallet and opens it.
"Ten dollars??!!? You fought like a madman for *15 minutes* for a lousy ten bucks?"
"Oh no!" replied the r**.... "I thought you were going after the $500 in my shoe!"

Farming for a Nobel Prize

Farmer John is driving along the road one day when he spots his neighbour, Bill, standing on top of his tractor in the middle of his field. Overcome with curiosity, he ambles over and asks Bill what he is up to?
Bill replies, "Trying to win a Nobel prize".
"How do you figure?"
"Well, I hear they give them to people who are outstanding in their fields!"

Three old ladies sat at a park bench when a man in an overcoat appeared in front of them, opened his overcoat, and flashed his n**... body.

The first old lady was overcome by the experience and had a s**.... The second old lady was also overcome by the experience and had a s**.... The third old lady didn't have a s**... at all -- her arms were too short.

Cold War Hungarian Joke

Communism is the noble struggle by the proletariat to overcome problems that only exist under Communism.

They said I'd never overcome my addiction to Phil Collins.

♩ But take a look at me nooooow ♩

My dad: People overcome adversity all the time son...

Look at Beethoven. They told him he was deaf, but did he listen?

I think I'm overcoming dyslexia.

I learned a new abbreviation today: DNA, or National Dyslexic Association.

I was reading a book about paint today and I just burst into tears

I was overcome by emulsion

A man walks into a psychologist's office

The psychologist says, "Tell me about yourself?"
The man replies, "It is my deeply held belief that I am in fact a moth."
The psychologist is a little surprised, but being a professional, he thinks for a moment and says, "Well, I am sure I can help you overcome that."
Indignant, the man shoots back, "No way! I love being a moth, thank-you very much!"
"So why on Earth did you come in here?"
"Oh, well I was just passing by and I saw your light on..."

Old genie joke...

Three men find themselves stranded on a deserted island. After several years, despite their differences, they become close friends out of necessity. One day, they find an old lamp. On rubbing it clean, they release a genie who grants them each one wish.
"I wish to return to my old life!" Two of the men shout, disappearing in a puff of smoke.
The third man, a little slow, looks around at the empty island. Overcome by loneliness, he mutters, "I wish my friends were here."

To the people that think they're better than me

How did you overcome your self esteem issues?

The pilot and co-pilot are sitting in the cockpit of an airplane.

As they wait for the passengers to board, the pilot says to the co-pilot,
Why did you become a pilot?
To which the co-pilot replies, To overcome my greatest fear.
Flying? the pilot asks
No. says the co-pilot, Dying alone.

Blonde suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a gun.

She goes to his apartment unexpectedly and when she opens the door she finds him in the arms of a redhead.
Well, the blonde is really angry. She opens her purse to take out the gun, and as she does so she is overcome with grief.
She takes the gun and puts it to her head.
The boyfriend yells, "No, honey, don't do it."
The blonde replies, "Shut up, you're next."

I've just ordered a book called Overcome Procrastination

I intend to read it over the Christmas holiday.

What do leftover Thanksgiving dinner and overcoming an addiction have in common?

They both involve cold turkey.

So why did you want to become a pilot?

To overcome my greatest fear
No, dying alone

whats the difference between rudolph the red nosed reindeer and a liberal?

rudolph can overcome adversity without any government assistance

A husband and wife are trying to have a baby

After many attempts and what seems like an endless number of trips to the doctor and fertility clinic they meet with the doctor who tells them, "I do not think you will be able to have children."
The wife is overcome with emotion and her husband consoles her saying, "Inconceivable."
The doctor replies,"I don't think that word means what you think it means."

A man is asked to speak at his best friend's f**....

He walks up to the front of the church and stands in front of the casket. Overcome with emotion, he pauses, and then says, "Plethora . . . plethora." After that he goes back into the pews and sits next to the deceased man's widow. She leans over and says to the guy, "Thanks. That means a lot."

Just before the flight, the captain turns to his co-pilot and asks "So, why did you want to become a pilot?"

Co-pilot: I wanted to overcome my biggest fear in life.
Captain: And what's that? Fear of heights?
Co-pilot: Dying alone.

A Pilot's Phobia

Friend: Why did you become a pilot?
Pilot: To overcome my biggest fear.
Friend: Heights?
Pilot: No bro. The fear of dying alone.

A nice movie

Gf: whatcha doing?
Me:I'm seeing a movie right now.
Gf:Oh what is it about?
Me:Once upon a time a family is attacked in which the mother dies and son becomes physically disabled and then a few years later his son gets kidnapped and the rest for the movie is about the father overcoming his fears and how he rescues his son.
Gf:o**... such an interesting plot what is the title.'s Finding Nemo.

Did you hear how there's a national coin shortage?

The U.S. Mint's production of about 1 billion coins per month has been slowed due to COVID-19 safety precautions for the workers.
The good news is that they've overcome the bottlenecks and will be overclocking their machines for increased production. They plan on averaging 1.65 billion coins per month for the rest of the year 2020.
So I guess you could say the coins will return next quarter.


A blonde suspects that her boyfriend is cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a gun. She goes to his apartment that same day, with the gun in hand.
Sure enough, when she opens the door, she finds her boyfriend in the arms of a redhead. She points the gun at her boyfriend at stares him down for a moment.
Then, suddenly, she's overcome with grief, so she puts the gun up to the side her head.
Her boyfriend screams, Honey, don't do it… The blonde yells back, Shut up! You're next!

Before the ball could touch the floor, I kicked it back, sending it soaring past the other players and into the top corner of the net. Overcome with emotion, I ripped off my shirt and punched the air. My eyes locked with my stunned coach, who came running towards me shaking his head in amazement.

As he embraced me, he sighed, "OK, let's go over the rules of volleyball one last time."

When the person who mugs you only finds a dollar in your pocket

John is on his way home late at night when he's attacked by a mugger. After a great struggle, the mugger overcomes him, searches his pockets, but only finds a single dollar.
"What sort of guy puts up a fight like that for just a dollar?" says the mugger.
"I'm not that s**...," says John, "I thought were were after the $500 I've got hidden in my shoe."

One Christmas Eve, a man and his wife were shopping in town and became separated...

The woman called him on her cell phone and said, "Where are you?" The guy said, "Remember that little jewelry store we went into last year and you found that diamond necklace that you wanted, but I couldn't afford to buy it for you?" The woman was overcome with emotion and said "Yes, yes ... I remember." And the guy said "I'm in the bar next door to that store having a beer."

What is the Roman Empire?

In the heart of the bustling Roman Empire, there was a philosopher known for his wisdom, humor, and the ability to make light of the most complex issues. One day, a curious citizen confronted him, asking "What exactly is the Roman Empire?"
The philosopher paused for a moment before saying, "Imagine a man trying to wrestle a lion. The man is strong and well-prepared, but he is, after all, merely a man. The lion is wild, ferocious, and barely within his control. Yet, the man does not back down; he dives headfirst into the tangle, figuring out how to tackle it as he goes along. That, my friend, is the Roman Empire."
The citizen blinked and asked, "So, we're the man in this scenario, right? Struggling against the fierce lion that is the vast world?"
"No, not exactly," chuckled the philosopher. "You see, the man is the Roman Empire, always seeking to overcome, control, and rule, even when the odds seem overwhelming. The lion, rather, represents the infinite sea of cultures, lands, and people that the Empire constantly tangles with."
"But what if the lion eventually wins?" queried the citizen, now intrigued.
"Well," the philosopher answered with a mischievous glint in his eye, "Then the joke's on us, isn't it?"
The gathered crowd erupted into laughter, appreciating the wit and wisdom tied into the punchline. After all, understanding the Roman Empire didn't just involve historical facts and figures; sometimes, it was just about appreciating the irony!

Overcome joke, What is the Roman Empire?

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