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Do you know why there are so many great bakeries in Germany?

They had to do *something* with all of the ovens.

They say German durability and build quality is unmatched, especially for appliances such as ovens. How did they achieve such quality?

They tested their ovens 6 million times.

Why does Germany have so many different kinds of bread?

Well, we had to do something with the ovens.

Ovens joke, Why does Germany have so many different kinds of bread?

Why do hipsters only use the microwave?

Because they don't like conventional ovens.

My friend's grandma had two ovens and stored bread in one of them...

One day she preheated the wrong one

All the bread was toast

Why can't blondes double recipes?

Ovens don't go up to 700 degrees.

What did German kids get for Christmas during th holocaust?

Easy Bake Ovens

Ovens joke, What did German kids get for Christmas during th holocaust?

As a Englishman, I feel shame for my countries lack of a unique dish

I mean, look at Italy with their pasta and pizza. Portugal has Peri-Peri sauce, the French have omlettes and fancy bread. And I think we all know how the good the Germans are with ovens.

TIL that Hitler never ate cake

Apparently all the ovens were already being used.

What do ovens and oranges have in common?

Jews ^^^^^get ^^^^^it? ^^^^^orange ^^^^^jews? ^^^^^I'll ^^^^^show ^^^^^myself ^^^^^out ^^^^^now

I once chased out a guy who was trying to steal meat cooking in one of the ovens

You meet a lot of strange people at the Morgue

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How are cats like ovens?

They both have 'self clean cycles'

Everyone I know are Nazis...

Only because they all use ovens

My restaurant got a new German chef yesterday

He's already increased the efficiency of our ovens and thrown away all the bad juice

What do all little Nazi's ask FΓΌhrerclaus for around Christmas?

Easy-Bake Ovens!

Why does Hitler like being on Santa's naughty list?

Because those ovens aren't going to run without a source of fuel!

Ovens joke, Why does Hitler like being on Santa's naughty list?

My grandfather helped Jewish families to escape from Auschwitz via the sewers.

He was always cleaning the ovens with water.

What do vegans and a oven have in common?

Nothing ovens are actually useful

What did the baker say to the Jew?

Come on in, the ovens hot!

The story of Hansel and Gretel

wouldn't be the last time Germans pushed people into ovens

What did hitler say on his cake day?


My wife hate pioneers...

She says they were the only ones stupid enough to invent covered wagons and Dutch ovens.

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