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  1. What do Romulans and Vulcans do with their high school drop outs? Send them to barber school.
  2. Toilets in power plants are always built on level surfaces... to prevent rolling brown outs.
  3. Why can most major oil companies only get drop-outs on executive positions? The ones that managed to graduated all went to gas prom.
  4. If time-outs have tought me anything, It's that doing something wrong gets you time for peace,quiet,and solidarity. In a place called jail.
  5. Terrible one-liner I came up with while on autopilot at work. I'm not saying I'm a s**... guru, but I know most of the ins and outs

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  1. The inflight movie on my trip home was Pixels. We had two walk outs.
  2. I do pull ups to get girls... and pull outs to not get one
  3. The Yakuza doesn't do drive-bys They do Hari-Kari Outs.
  4. What do you call a homosexual in Iran after he's been outed? Low hanging fruit.
  5. I'm learning the hokey cokey Not all of it, just the ins and outs.
  6. How does someone become a s**... expert? They learn the ins and outs
  7. I know the basics of s**...... You could say I know the ins and outs.
  8. How do you pass s**... ed? You have to learn all the ins and outs.

Outs joke, How do you pass s**... ed?

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Do you know the most outstanding thing about our i**... immigrants?

Their warrants.
(Here come the down-votes!)

How do you outsmart a chicken?

By thinking outside the bawks.

There are many already outstanding reasons not to leave one's automated cloning machine out in the forest...

...but the obvious bears repeating.

When I was younger I used to have these little plastic cut outs for drawing around.

I'd do them all the time, almost compulsively, but there would always be more. I'd spend hours and never run out. Then I realised, I'd never be done, I'd never accomplish anything because there would always be more and long after I stopped or died they'd be there.
Anyway that's the story of my first extra stencil crisis.

The Outsiders: Why is Ponyboy lactose intolerant?

He hates Dairy but likes Sodapop.

What an outstanding result in p**... training!

An envy pee.
(like an MVP, get it..OK I go away now)

Do you know what do you say, when you outsmart a person from Czech Republic ?


Outs joke, Terrible one-liner I came up with while on autopilot at work.