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What did the wall outlet say to the appliance?

"You're grounded."

I went to a Nautica outlet store

They had sails on everything

Why did the toaster break up with the outlet?

Because the outlet had all the power. Sorry, bye. Dadjokes.

Outlet joke, Why did the toaster break up with the outlet?

[offensive] what do you call a white outlet

White power

Where do you buy clothes for baby owls?

the outlet

Just stuck my tongue in an outlet.

The results were shocking.

What's angry most of the time and wants you to stick something hard in it?

An outlet

Outlet joke, What's angry most of the time and wants you to stick something hard in it?

Why was the Boy having trouble finding power in the Cul-de-sac?

There was no outlet

Cellphone Anger Management

Some people get angry when their cell phone runs out of power: they just need to find an outlet.

Young Billy stuck the knife into the outlet...

He said it was a shocking surprise.

I stuck my finger in an outlet today

It really hertz

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A day in the life of an IT guy...

Customer: Hi, my computer isn't working.

IT guy: OK, what happens when you try to turn it on?

Customer: Nothing.

IT guy: Can you check to see if it's plugged into the outlet?

Customer: Uhhhh I dunno it's pretty dark back there...

IT guy: ...Can you turn on a light?

Customer: Nope. The power's out.

Why did the phone charger cross the road?

Because there's an outlet mall on the otherside

Buzzfeed's latest article: "This man poked a wire in a power outlet and turned on the switch..."

"What happens next will shock you!"

Where do plugs like to shop?

The outlet mall.

I get angry when my cellphone battery dies

My therapist suggested that I find an outlet.

Outlet joke, I get angry when my cellphone battery dies

Was at the mall when I saw a foot massager outlet the floor below,

imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be a kid in a wheelchair.

Put a fork into an outlet.

What happens next will shock you.

I'm starting to think i'm immortal...

I keep putting plastic forks into the electrical outlet and nothing happens :(

My family is putting an electrical plug in our elm tree.

They were going to put it in the bushes, but I convinced them that a tree-prong outlet would be better for the ground.


"Tree-prong outlet" stolen from an engineer I was talking to today, but joke format is all mine.

Imagine sticking a fork into an outlet

What happens next will shock you

I'm European and have a quick question since I'm about to leave for vacation in the USA. My phonecharger won't fit into a wall outlet there.

Do I need an adapter for my buttplugs too?

Where does Electro go shopping?

At an Outlet Mall!

I wanted to charge my phone

But my street has no outlet

An unreliable news outlet has claimed the president committed suicide.

It was fake noose.

I knew I was stressed out when my phone's battery died

but i really just needed an outlet

I can't imagine jokes quickly. So I attack people as an outlet for my anger.

Oh wait. I have an entire punchline!

With so many sporting events being delayed or cancelled, one sports TV outlet decided to televise the 'World Origami Championships'

It's on paperview

Dark pickup lines

Are you suicide?
Because I think about you every day.

Are you the suicide hotline?
Because I need to get your number.

Are you a noose?
Because I'd love to hang with you.

Are you a coffin?
Because I wish I was inside you.

Are you a death certificate?
Because I wish you were mine.

Are you an electrical outlet?
Because I'd like to stick my fingers inside you.

Are you death?
Because I long for your sweet embrace.

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